TVHeadend and vanilla-kernel

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I run a cubietruck with armbian jessie/legacy-kernel. I used it as a owncloud- and tvheadend-server. For the tvheadend-server i use 2 DVB-S2-USB-devices (TeVii S660 USB). I had problems woith one of them and want to replace one of them with a Technotrend TT-connect S2-4600. I could not compile the needed driver, so I tried to use the vanilla-kernel, because the newer kernel has support for this DVB-card.

I could use the Technotrend-device with vanilla. But both devices stutters when displaying or recording a stream. Is this a known problem?


When switching back to legacy, the old Tevii-device runs smooth again, but there is no support for Technotrend.


What can I do?


Has anybody a suggestion for a different DVB-S2-USB-device?

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