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Armbian upgrade to 18.04 Bionic Beaver - Banana Pi M1


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I was able to upgrade Armbian to 18.04 bionic beaver on my Banana Pi M1, and it's working (almost) fine!


I used the command to update the sources.list to bionic:

apt update && apt dist-upgrade -y && apt autoremove -y && apt autoclean
apt install update-manager-core
do-release-upgrade -d

Fetched 403 MB in 8min 43s (769 kB/s)


I gave "yes to all" to almost everything, except on replacing config files like KEYMAP, sshd and bind


All these services I use are working correctly: network, SSH, bind, mail, cups, minidlna, SATA, USB printer, Samba

This is not working: qbittorrent-nox 4.0.4 (misses libboost-system)


Don't try to upgrade if you don't know what you are doing and if you can't handle some instability. If you managed to do a successful upgrade, post your thoughts/problems to this topic!

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