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[OPLite] Can't get the sht1x.dts overlay working

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Hi all!


Has anyone some experience with dts overlays for the mainline kernel 4.14.47?

I connected the SHT11 temperature sensor to PA7 and PA8, installed the sht1x.dts overlay from



via "sudo armbian-add-overlay sht15.dts" and afterwards looked via dmesg into the kernel output. That's what my OPLite reports:


[    8.397262] sht15: probe of sht1x failed with error -5


It is a kernel IO error. The LogicAnalyzer doesn't record any pin toggle. But what am I doing wrong? Do I have to deactivate the pins in GPIO driver? Can someone please help me? As I soldered the SHT11 by myself I modified some RPi userspace code to verify the sensor is OK and it is. It's measuring humidity and temperature from user space. But I'd like to get it working from within the kernel.


Thank you very much for your help!




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