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Andy West

eGalax Touch Screen Orange Pi One

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  • Orange Pi One
  • 16Gb SD card
  • Running Armbian Stretch (Mainline Kernel 4.14)
  • Using XFCE4 Desktop Environment
  • eGalax Touch based 1503M 15 Inch 1024*768 Monitor
  • HDMI (IN - FROM Pi) to VGA (OUT - TO MONITOR) Adaptor


I have the monitor setup and working, everything boots through to XFCE however the touch panel is inverted and the 'active area' is smaller than the screen.


Although the touch panel is responding I have the following issues


  • X and Y crossed over
  • Both Axis Inverted
  • roughly 2cm 'Dead Zone' on the perimiter of the screen


I have attached it to my laptop and the screen works fine, so It must be a driver issue.


Ive tried to use xinput_calibrator and save the output to 99-calibration.conf in /etc... however it makes no difference


How can I go about getting this screen to function correctly?


Ive tried the drivers here however the installer reports that the detected controller is not HID compliant


Any help appreciated,



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