"Cloning" Cubietruck IMG to ESPRESS0bin?

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Maybe a long shot: rather than setting up armbian on my new ESPRESSObin (epb), installing needed SW and tools, porting configs off my Cubietruck (cbt), would it be possible to tweak the cbt's SDcard / FS to boot on the ESPRESSObin?


If I'm not mistaken the cbtis armhf based and all those binaries should also run on the epb!?


Would it be "good enough" to add the arm64 architecture to the CBT with "dpkg --add-architecture arm64" and then to install


linux-$(lsb_release -cs)-root-next-espressobin


shut down the cbt and put the card into the epb, booting it in the epb?

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In theory, if you manage to install those packages ... it should work this way, yes. But it's better to start with a latest native image.

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