Rock64 : file system is already on the future on booting

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Each time I'm booting the  Rock64, it starts on Jan, 21 of 2016 but the filesystem has a superblock on Jan,28 of 2018, so in the future.

It's inconsistant and the filesystem is checking each time and I'm waiting a few seconds. How can I avoid this trouble ?

Here is the screen shot of logs through the tty/usb console. I'm booting from the spi flash and a sd-card with Ubuntu 18.04.1.


Begin: Will now check root file system ... fsck from util-linux 2.31.1
[/sbin/fsck.ext4 (1) -- /dev/mmcblk1p1] fsck.ext4 -a -C0 /dev/mmcblk1p1
ARMBIAN-BIONIC: Superblock last mount time (Sun Jan 28 15:58:17 2018,
    now = Thu Jan 21 08:50:18 2016) is in the future.
ARMBIAN-BIONIC: 39110/988000 files (0.1% non-contiguous), 314286/4096000 blocks


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