Multiple Video screens using Rockchip RK3288 kernel

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I am currently working on a Development Board based on RK3288. We are using Rockchip kernel as mentioned here


This uses libdrm (DRI) for its rendering purposes. But it has limitations. Only one CRTC is connected out of 2. It provides 8 planes, out of which only 4 are available for the working CRTC, out of which user available OVERLAY planes are only 2, and out of which only 1 Plane supports NV12 rendering.

I need to show 2-4 videos simultaneously, can anyone help me here on how to procure more planes, particularly NV12 compatible OVERLAY type, that can be connected to the working CRTC?

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keep in mind, technical support sub-forums are only for boards we actually support --> moved to p2p tech support.


@JMCCs work might  be a starter for you... 


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