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Does anyone get SSH & VNC disconnections ?

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My Orange Pi PC running Armbian gets disconnected from both SSH and VNC after maybe 20 minutes or so out of nowhere, no matter if idle or doing anything. I can't connect back until I restart the entire SBC by keyboard. The pi is useless to me if I can't run it "headless".


I'm wondering if it's a MAC problem. I have a pfSense router I built myself and have had different subnet addresses. I've made sure the MAC address isn't repeated on another subnet address, though. I know the Raspberry Pi has a way to change it, but does the OPi PC as well?


The MAC "problem" is just a guess, though. I really don't know what's with the disconnection issues. I'm no networking expert but I have zero problems with my other SBCs and other machines.




UPDATE: For those of you that ever get this issue, make sure you're powering your SBC and accessories well. My problem was that I wasn't giving proper power to the external hard drive (which runs the OS).




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