Are comments supported in armbianEnv.txt?

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I followed instruction of adding overlay at


Linux kernel 4.14

You don't have to edit the fex-file, but the /boot/armbianEnv.txt and add the lines:


param_w1_pin=PB10 # desired pin

param_w1_pin_int_pullup=1 # internal pullup-resistor: 1=on, 0=off



This resulted in an error during boot and non functional 1-wire:



## Executing script at 44000000
tmp_bank=A             # desired pin
tmp_pin=10             # desired pin
Sorry, I could not convert "A             # desired pin 10             # desired pin 0>"


Removing "#" comments from armbianEnv.txt resolved the issue


Can you please confirm if comments are allowed in armbianEnv.txt?



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