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Le Potato / C2 / K2 4.19 LTS testing thread

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One Potato, two Potato:  I picked up the smaller 1gb board as a backup to my 2gb Potato running:


Linux lepotato 4.19.20-meson64 #5.75 SMP PREEMPT Fri Feb 8 10:08:40 CET 2019 aarch64 GNU/Linux

So thanks for fixing that issue for the 1gb boards!  I also pulled up a browser to push it a little, and am impressed with the swap tuning/optimization even when using just the sd card.  An emmc is in my future, but for now on a casual use basis, I can't tell much of a difference in responsiveness between either the 1 or 2gb version for medium duty use.  Nice work.  It's why I like Armbian for tweaking the internals as compared to just a standard install.  I think attention to hard core swap tuning paid off so I don't have to mess with it!


No problem with a wireless dongle (model EDUP-AC-1619 [Realtek RTL8811AU]), even when hotplugged.  Mind blown.  Sometimes on the 5.8g side, I'll have to connect to a "hidden" network that actually isn't hidden, and has good signal strength once connected.  Or even if the 5.8ghz signal is not detected, it *eventually* finds and connects.  Who knows if it's the network manager, driver, or whatever.  Not a showstopper, no big deal.  Small beans. :)


Monitor:  22-inch HP22CWA.  Armbian looks great with default monitor settings.


Note: I still power-off in the terminal (tricking the blob) using

sudo shutdown -H now

and everything shuts down nicely leaving only the red led on the Potato illuminated, and the display falls asleep.  I don't use the XFCE4 shutdown, logout, or restart functions but rely on the terminal instead.  


You guys are rockin' my Potatoes!



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card identification AND monitor notes

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