Static IP on "eth0" (wired eth), OPi PC+

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Hi there,

I am using Workstation edition on OPi PC+, system quite up to date.

Problem: wired ethernet looks hardwired to DHCP (client) and I want to use static address(es).

There is Network Monitor but I can't edit / delete "ifupdown(eth0)" connection. I can create another connection for wired eth in NM, static address, but it does not go active on system startup.

I can switch off "eth0" and activate another connection from NM desktop, but I want system to start automatically with static IP (w/o user action).

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1 hour ago, laurentppol said:

I will respond to myself: problem was located in /etc/network/interfaces containing lines about eth0. Just # it and now have static IP on boot. Now problem is with WiFi...


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