NanoPi M1 Plus fails to boot

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I am using NanoPi Debian Jessie (graphical Desktop) image for my NanoPi M1 plus device. The device sometimes doesn't boot from the EMMC. I have to keep on uploading a fresh image every time. It has been the issue whenever I try to boot from the EMMC. It comes up randomly. It boots perfectly after a lot of reboots and sometimes it doesn't reboot after 3-4 reboots.


Can you please tell me what is the issue here? I don't my device to boot from SD card.

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I got a similar issue, but i got solved by trying different things.


Before we got this issue, I was installing the armbian to emmc with the fs f2fs. When I installed with f2fs sometimes I had to rebooted the several times to boot or sometimes it is not boot.

Then I tried with ext3 and it works perfect.


I hope I help you.


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