NanoPi Neo2 Armbian set max freq

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Good day!


I've had the Nanopi Neo2 v1.0 for sometime now, used for mostly for NAS solution.

the v1.0 is the one being carried by my supplier here. No v1.1 yet


Lately I installed armbian monitor to monitor system resources.

Then I stumbled upon the min and max frequency
when I checked  using 

# cpufreq-info -p
408000 816000 ondemand


I've read on some internet writeups that one can set the max frequency to 1008000


tried editing the 





I was able to lower the minimum frequency to 120000 using the following entry at cpufrequtils

# WARNING: this file will be replaced on board support package (linux-root-...) upgrade

but the output of cpufreq-info -p remains as

# cpufreq-info -p
120000 816000 ondemand


I'd really like to be able to set the max frequency higher than it is now.

Any info, pointers, procedures (much better) will be much appreciated


Thanks in advance!




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Unfortunately the core voltage of the NEO2 v1.0 is limited to 1.1v.  As defined by the DT used by Armbian, the maximum CPU frequency for the H3/H5 at 1.1v is 816MHz - this is why you're not able to increase it further via cpufreq.  (If you upgrade to a v1.1 board it's possible to take it all the way to 1.3GHz ;))


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