Date changed to 1978,System crash,Mysql run 195% of CPU

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Hello,Respected Developers:
I'm an Orange Pi user.In the process of using the armbian, I encountered serious problems.
My Control Board is Orange Pi PC Plus.Armbian is "ARMBIAN 5.59 stable Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS 4.14.65-sunxi"
I installed jdk and mysql.And run a JAVA program.I set a time zone for Asia-Chongqing,The system language is Chinese,I use three serial ports.
When running for a period of time,There will be bugs.About one to three days.
The specific phenomena are as follows:
1.Run "date",the time is 1978.
2.Mysql occupy cpu 195%, occupy mem 27%,systemd occupy cpu 34%,Another systemd occupy cpu 14%
,systemd-jo+ occupy cpu 39%.
3.eth0‘s ip  disappear,Unable to connect remotely from the network for ssh.I only use serial port to connect.
4.I can't use the reboot command to restart,I input "reboot",It didn't respond.


Time automatically changed to 1978.

I hope you can help me solve this problem,Thanks very much.


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hi, I found this topic by searching for "armbian 1978". out of the sudden my OrangePi Plus 2E was set to 1978 and the system was unusuable. couldn't ssh into it and even at the local console the screen/monitor didn't show anything but black screen.

So I was forced to hard-reboot it. 


The only thing I noticed was this email from cron daemon:

Time travel detected!
fake-hwclock release date is in the future: 2016-04-15 00:00:00
Current system time: 1978-05-27 23:17:02
To force the saved system clock backwards in time anyway, use "force"


Is this a known bug?



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