Iridium browser aka chromium without google

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On 3/16/2019 at 1:28 PM, AndrewDB said:

Why can't you natively compile? Both Armbian Debian and Armbian Ubuntu are perfectly able to natively compile chromium.

Well I tried it on my MX10, got stuck at gclient sync. I think I'll leave it to more capable people :D

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13 hours ago, amirul said:

got stuck at gclient sync.

Building chromium/iridium requires that you install a couple of specific packages from Google, including the gclient tool which is not part of Ubuntu. Basically you have to install all the tools and dependencies to build chromium, in order to build iridium. You should really start here:


Build chromium first, then you should be set to build iridium. And I agree that it's not an easy task. B)


Edit: it seems the Gentoo people have been giving a go at compiling chromium natively on aarch64, see

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51 minutes ago, AndrewDB said:

Hmmm, are you sure the project has not been abandoned? I see the last commit was 5 months ago, an eternity as far as chromium development is concerned. Note that this is absolutely not a criticism of the iridium project and developers, it's just the fact that Google has a gadzillion man*hours*$ to throw at Chromium development...

I see your point, and there doesn't seem to be a user forum anywhere. Pity cos its quick without all the google stuff. Oh well, I'll just keep using it on my x86 boxes until I can't anymore.

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