Avoid Micron 1100 MTFDDAV256TBN M2 SSD! They slow down badly, can't be firmware-flashed in ARM.

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There's a cheap M2 SSD, for example for sale here, but it would be a bad idea to use it in any ARM board with an M2 drive slot.  I have one of these M2 drives in my laptop, and I learned the hard way how slow it will get within 1 year's use, like 30MB/sec read, 8.5 MB/sec write! 


Over time, this drive will gradually go slower and slower and slower, until you figure out you need a firmware upgrade. Then you'll need to use the closed-source firmware-upgrading CLI utility that Micron publishes.  There is a version for linux, but it's AMD64 only.


You might think you can put the M2 drive in a USB-3.0 enclosure, then firmware upgrade it in that enclosure.  No, you can't, the firmware upgrader will only work if the M2 drive is installed in an M2 slot on the mobo.  See here for more details.

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