Nanopi Duo USB CAM Error

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I connected FA-CAM202 ( 2M USB cam provided by FriendlyArm) to USB2 pins on Nanopi Duo, 

The OS is  Armbian Bionic mainline kernel 4.14.y

The V4l applications output error as 

  Unable to start capture: Input/output error                                                     
   i: Error grabbing frames

The dmesg shows 

  uvcvideo: Failed to query (GET_CUR) UVC control 3 on unit 1: -32

  uvcvideo: Failed to set UVC commit control : -32 (exp. 26)


This Cam FA-CAM202 is worked on PC while other USB CAM such as Logitech works on the same

configuration of Nanopi Duo, on USB2.  


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