Image works with SD cards and USB drives. Regular firmware in the device is NOT CHANGED. When you replace the dtb file can be run on any device with Amlogic chip S905 s905x s912   When you first start the system, the root user password is 1234   The minimum media size - 4 GB   Wiki   Option how to start.   Universal multi-boot.   Install to eMMC (NAND)   1. Open the terminal 2. Run "sudo /root/"   **************************************************************************************************** Update 20170700705 add KODI   Update 20170531 add multiboot all USB fix error revert nodm   Update 2017\02\20 fix error     Update 2016\12\13   The new version (20161213) of images Armbian. In desktop versions of images added autologin and autostart the GUI after the initial configuration of the system and create a primary user (in the console there are no images of this). After creating the primary user, the system will automatically reboot and will automatically start the graphical interface (XFCE). Changed the algorithm for setting the video output. In this version of the configure script output ( reside in a directory on a FAT partition (on a running system, this partition is automatically mounted to the /boot directory). This script can be changed. To change the screen resolution from 720p to 1080p, you need to uncomment the line "#mode=1080p60hz" and comment out the line "mode=720h60hz". Similarly, you can change the color depth from the default 24 to 32 (bpp=24). Note that with 32 bit color significantly changes the desktop. In this script you can place the commands you want to run WebMin , Doker, ask line to run the USB port (if necessary), configure, sound card, etc.     p/s/ Other versions of images with different Linux systems.