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  1. New image 5.96 20190913
  2. Without the new MESA, these modules create problems for the system. WiFi chip is used in many models, so WiFi support should appear soon (I think 1-2 months). G52\G31 already supported in the main kernel (Libreelec already has a HW). I don't have an AM3, I didn't compare their performance.
  3. New image 5.96 kernel 5.3.0-rc8. For G12 models, stereo sound now works. I pay attention, DTB by default changed. Now is set DTB default Ugoos AM6. To date, this model of TV box is the best for those who need a finished product. No rework or improvement of the cooling system is required for all standard tasks. No need for manual activation to run multi-boot systems (Armbian Libreelec AltLinux Mandjaro etc) from external media (SD card or USB media), it is already built into the firmware itself. The only drawback is that the built-in WiFi Does not work yet. I'm not a fan of passive cooling systems, but the option that is used in this model (metal body + correct radiator), provide this model a full-fledged work. Even with full-screen video playback in the browser (at 1080p resolution), the temperature does not rise above 45-47 degrees. For those who need a complete replacement for a regular PC, I recommend this model. You will get a finished product with good technical support, which can be used as a mini-PC and at the same time as a powerful TV box.
  4. You don't need to update kernels , they have the same version (so there will be a bug).
  5. The latest version is now available from the online repository Armbian
  6. Without multi-boot activation, nothing will work from eMMC. Configure (select) the correct DTB. No
  7. Recently was added to test the possibility of upgrading the kernel (up to version 5.3.0-rc6) from the online repository Armbian. For example, you can try running Synaptic, updating the available packages, and specifying the installation of a new kernel. Importantly. When you select a new kernel, you must also update the appropriate DTB package. Please note, this is the first test and errors are possible.
  8. You will help if you create DTS and all the necessary kernel drivers for this model and send these patches to the main kernel. When these patches are included in the main kernel, there will be support for your model. I have answered this question many times. Look for this info in the topics in this section. To all Image update 5.95 20190904.
  9. All new G12 images have a different u-boot version (for g12b models). To run on your hardware, you need to burn the old image and then manually replace all the files from the new image in both (BOOT ROOTFS) sections of the Sd card. I don't have this equipment.
  10. I do not plan to add support for this model.
  11. Image 5.94_20190901 kernel 5.3.0-rc6 All available DVB modules have been added to the "default" image.
  12. In these images should not be sound, this "clean" I draw without additional patches.
  13. root@aml:~# free -m total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 3353 796 1947 67 609 2414 Swap: 1023 0 1023 IMHO for the maximum size of available memory can be used u-boot-2019 (it can be installed in eMMC) and specially optimized DTB (with minimal memory reserves for video and other things). But while u-boot-2019 for VIM3 is not in the public domain (it is, but not for General use ).
  14. When using Khadas Ubuntu in eMMC (using Ubuntu's option to write to eMMC via USB Burn Tool) is a bad option for General use with external systems (which run from SD card and USB flash drive). All versions of Khadas Ubuntu to write to eMMC, have an error in u-boot, which does not properly run external systems. If you want to run Armbian with external media, the eMMC should be strictly firmware with regular Android. I have explained this problem many times on the Khadas forum.