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  1. New image 5.96_20190918 fix wifi
  2. Use the DTB from the previous image. There is an error in the current DTB for VIM3.
  3. Try this version, it has a kernel with all the latest changes.
  4. For SD no " boot.ini", N2 only (extlinux.conf) and u-boot-2019. For USB + new SPIboot (u-boot-2015) use boot.ini (with minimal configuration to run the main kernel). Prior to the SPI support in u-boot-2019, the optimal solution is to use SPIboot that runs any system with removable media and eMMC in any convenient and custom user order.
  5. It's been a while since I read this topic .... For reference u-boot-2019 and kernel 5.x have been working at N2 with Armbian (Including sound.).
  6. This patch is for an old kernel, I don't work with this old kernel. WiFi is evil, I don't work with it.
  7. The new version for Odroid N2 SPIboot to support all options of running different systems from any media (USB, SD, eMMC PXE).
  8. I did not wait for the release of the official version of the image for SPI with full support for all options for custom startup (SD USB eMMC PXE). As a temporary solution I have gathered the image of "spiboot.img " to update SPI content with a new download option (which supports all described devices). Now, to enable all devices in the startup process (including the ability to directly start the system from USB media) does not require a UART console. All operations can be easily performed by a regular user using standard methods (which are well documented on the WIKI). The update procedure is described on the WIKI. File "spiboot.img" (with all options except Piteboot) can be downloaded here. Pay attention, this version is not Piteboot. During build there was an error with the build kernel, I did not fix (I don't use Piteboot). If somebody need Piteboot, I recommend not using my version. Hi For the statistics, to make sure everything is working correctly, you can check the new SPIBOOT on your model N2 ?
  9. New image 5.96 20190913
  10. Without the new MESA, these modules create problems for the system. WiFi chip is used in many models, so WiFi support should appear soon (I think 1-2 months). G52\G31 already supported in the main kernel (Libreelec already has a HW). I don't have an AM3, I didn't compare their performance.
  11. New image 5.96 kernel 5.3.0-rc8. For G12 models, stereo sound now works. I pay attention, DTB by default changed. Now is set DTB default Ugoos AM6. To date, this model of TV box is the best for those who need a finished product. No rework or improvement of the cooling system is required for all standard tasks. No need for manual activation to run multi-boot systems (Armbian Libreelec AltLinux Mandjaro etc) from external media (SD card or USB media), it is already built into the firmware itself. The only drawback is that the built-in WiFi Does not work yet. I'm not a fan of passive cooling systems, but the option that is used in this model (metal body + correct radiator), provide this model a full-fledged work. Even with full-screen video playback in the browser (at 1080p resolution), the temperature does not rise above 45-47 degrees. For those who need a complete replacement for a regular PC, I recommend this model. You will get a finished product with good technical support, which can be used as a mini-PC and at the same time as a powerful TV box.
  12. You don't need to update kernels , they have the same version (so there will be a bug).
  13. The latest version is now available from the online repository Armbian
  14. Without multi-boot activation, nothing will work from eMMC. Configure (select) the correct DTB. No