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  1. Update Armbian images 5.99_20191121 to rk3328. DEFAULT - kernel 4. DEV - kernel 5. Please note, in the future I plan to completely switch to using kernel 5 for all images. The kernel 4 version will no longer be released.
  2. New image DEFAULT Armbian 5.99_201122 I pay attention, in the future I will release versions of NEXT and DEV only in the format of the universal image (which can be run on all devices at once).
  3. Using coreelec to share your resources is tantamount to leaving the door open for unhindered theft of all your personal data from your home network.
  4. I'm looking for volunteers to test a generic image with a common kernel of 5.x on the Rockchip (rk3399 and rk3328) and Amlogic (s9xx) platforms. The details and questions request Park in this topic.
  5. It would be interesting to try the new kernel 5.x . If the hardware that is responsible for the work of eMMC is all right and the device works stably from the SD card, then the problem is in the settings for eMMC and need to check the settings of DTB to work with eMMC or u-boot. P.S. I don't have Rock64, so all of the above is just a guess. On TV boxes with rk3328 and the built-in eMMC at me everything works without problems from eMMC.
  6. Test version 5.99_20191117 with kernel 5 and working sound for rk3328.
  7. s9xxx - sound work rkxx - sound not work
  8. Hmm, the size of the radiator is clearly not enough to cool under load.
  9. The build and publication of unified test images with a common core for the Rockchip Amlogic platform (and later Allwinner) begins. Please note, this version NEXT and DEV is the primary preparation for the transition to the release of a single image for the platform Rockchip + Amlogic + Allwinner. The new image after writing to external media and after configuring the used dtb (and if necessary adding the desired u-boot option to run from the SD card on the RK) can be used simultaneously on AML (s9xxx) and RK (rk3399 and rk3328). If the TV boxes RK (rk3328 and rk3399) in eMMC installed a new version of u-boot with support for starting the system with USB, adding u-boot to SD card is not required, the system will automatically start on rk33xx with USB. Important. These images do not yet have new scripts to install the system in eMMC for AML and rk3328. Therefore, do not use these images to install in eMMC on AML models and on RK3328. In the "U-BOOT" directory on the site there are versions of files for writing to a universal image for these models, to run the system from an SD card on the RK platform. I pay attention, u-boot records need to be performed after writing the image to the SD card, with two commands (to save the existing partition table).
  10. The working branch is master. Other branches are used for tests and are not recommended for use.
  11. Read the first post of this topic.
  12. There is no firmware for the main core for this chip. The manufacturer has long ceased to exist and no support for this chip is not and will not be. You're wasting your time on this shit.
  13. Use the DEV version, it has an extended hardware list and additional patches.