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  1. Try running in combined mode (burn an image to two SD+USB media at once, configure it, and connect them simultaneously). Most likely, your DTB doesn't have support for the SD card.
  2. If after adding u-boot does not start, add UART and see what happens.
  3. I also do not like to talk about money, especially through a computer translator, information can be misunderstood .... It's a hobby and a bit of a job ...
  4. Tnx. I will check this, although the first explanation looks like the real situation.
  5. You don't need to configure compatibility, just take a working u-boot from the SD card and add it to the SD card with Armbian (while saving the partition table on The armbian Sd card). You may need to add the correct variables to u-boot to run Armbian.
  6. Update to version 19.11.5 (20200120) kernel 5.5.0-rc6. Important change. the way DTB is configured has changed. The universal multiload for the AML platform has changed. Now a single configuration method is used for all platforms, using the file (uEnv.txt). You need to edit this file to configure it. You need to uncomment the two lines that are responsible for your platform and specify the correct DTB for your model. If you use this image to run on the one platform, you can delete it from the settings file (uEnv.txt) strings from other platforms. Pay attention. The installation algorithm in eMMC has changed. My recommend that you perform a clean installation in eMMC. Be sure to make a full backup of eMMC before installing it in eMMC. Important. On models S905\S905X and partially on S912, there may be problems with starting the desktop, management is possible only via SSH or UART. For the aw H6 platform, all scripts are already in the image (which have the ending aw). You need to rename the files with the replacement (remove the .aw ending).
  7. @jernej Do you know why on H6, u-boot-2019 defines the SD card as mmc 0 and eMMC is defined as mmc 1 (on other RK and AML platforms, it's the opposite of SD-1 and eMMC 0) ?
  8. I uploaded the corrected versions of allwinner scripts to the site. The first version was an error (the site got scripts from Libreelec).
  9. In theory, this option is possible, but I have not yet thought about its specific implementation. I don't know if this option is possible or not. This needs to be discussed with Igor and other Armbian developers, and I'm not sure that this needs to be done publicly.
  10. New level 13 Members, 0 Anonymous, 1380 Guests (See full list)
  11. You should only use the DTB that are included in the image you are using. If you need to change something in them, you need to use the DTB from the image as the basis.
  12. If you are a moderator, you need to be ready to "put in place" those who do not recognize the rules and do not react to their negativity. The moderator's position is initially conflicted, you need to be prepared to reasonably ignore the negative from those who are not happy.
  13. Wow this is what my need .... I disabled all signatures for myself.
  14. Do you need to disable signatures individually for each user, or can my disable them all at once (in the user profile settings) ?