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  1. You may not have tried full NVMe media. After that, you won't want to use USB for a working system. Or you will use USB 3, only for fast transfer of a large data array if there is no network. Either to create backups or clone the system. PAE = slow and incomplete excessive complexity of use (due to restrictions on program usage).
  2. Perhaps someone will be interested in this information.
  3. Quote from the first message of the topic where you wrote your messages. For all. I don't support s905x3. ..... All messages about this platform deleted. ....
  4. Your model does not attempt to access the launch from external media at all. Try writing the image with another program to the SD card (the SD card is a key element for starting the system). Either the manufacturer may not be using a standard SD card connection, or the firmware may have blocked this option. Try stopping the u-boot startup (press and hold the space bar while powering up). If the launch is not interrupted, you will have to try to completely erase the eMMC (details on how to do this with the RK tools are available on the forum in other topics).
  5. @jockThe TV boxes section is closed for users to add information, so your topics have been moved. If necessary, specify a place on the forum where it is better to move your topics.
  6. This is the only way to find out what is happening at startup and try to find the cause of the problem.
  7. Replaced the SD cards and all images from the site worked. For some reason, only Sandisk works, other cards give do not predictable behavior. On my builds with u-boot-20.10, all cards work without problems.
  8. Strange behavior. If you use the latest night image T4 from the site (from the download page from 17 10 2020), the SD card does not work. If I start building an image for T4 from the latest Master, and then take the u-boot files from the received package and manually write them to the SD card, everything starts working.
  9. Sori, it seems the reason is in a different patch. I had to remove all patches (except changing the order of SD \ eMMC). And now you need to check all the patches to find which one breaks the download from the SD card.
  10. Everything works without this patch.
  11. Now I checked the launch of the latest night version on NanoPC T4 and found that the system does not start from the SD card (u-boot for some reason does not perceive the mmc 1 SD card). Perhaps the reason is the SD card, but I tried on the same SD card my system versions (LE and Armbian), where u-boot.2020.10 is used, the SD card works without problems (u-boot sees and starts the system from it). Has anyone experienced the same problem on T4 ?
  12. Watch carefully the first post of this topic, how to configure and run the system on rk3328.
  13. You didn't specify this "little thing", but it fundamentally changes the behavior of the entire startup system.