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  1. It's not you, it's refer to those who did it.
  2. In the official DEB repositories, there are old versions, if you need acceleration-use LE or build everything yourself manually.
  3. Funny. I see people are not shy and openly engage in theft and pass off someone else's work for their own.
  4. Maybe the ancient way ? use rsync and one file at a time, this does not need to happen so often and will not be a problem.
  5. I have already tried clearing all files in both places (on the build server and on the upload server). it didn't work. for some reason, sending large files (images) does not work.
  7. @lanefu It looks like the synchronization is broken.
  8. As far as I know, Libre Renegade is the same model as Firefly-rk3328. I got Firefly-rk3328 and built a set of images for it. I checked, everything works. I'm wondering if someone can test these images on Renegade rk3328.
  9. If you do not want to read and do not see the recommendations, you can continue to waste time, I am not going to prove anything to you and waste time on you. Try these versions, they have all the latest fixes.
  10. @JMCCCan you disable binding to a specific kernel ? This causes problems. Now the old version for M1 is in reps, which contains errors , but the package stubbornly puts this version and goes through the manual replacement of files. I also fixed the build of all versions (main kernel and 4.4) for Firefly-rk3328-roc-cc (Libre Renegade rk3328), and the binding prevents the package from being installed quickly. By the way, there is still a problem with KODI on Renegade, it causes the kernel to crash, but this is a problem with other kernel sources for 4.4. LE with the main core works fine on Firef
  11. don't reinvent the wheel, all versions already work correctly with Fyrefly-rk3399 with native DTB.
  12. @JMCC Is everything ok with the download site ? I try to install a package media-buster-legacy-rk3328 and the system says there is no such package. Or is it just a problem on my side ?