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  1. Can now add an Armbian image Assembly for TX6.
  2. For S905X without HW support, the browser can play full screen YouTube video with 720p desktop resolution. This information is in this topic (description of system startup and installation in eMMC). For use with video, you can use Armbian with the optional HW acceleration script. Information about this version of there is in this topic previously (version of DEV with mali). I don't have that kind of equipment. I don't know if it will work or not with Armbian and Libreelec. I'm not dev Coreelec have no idea how well it works or not. I have not tested such modes of operation.
  3. Placing the radiator from the bottom, the stupidest decision.
  4. Kernel 3.14 is deprecated and is no longer supported. Therefore, there will be no more changes or new images with this kernel.
  5. Nano owners, can you test the ability to run an image on your instances ? I'm interested in a General startup to make sure this image is working.
  6. New image Armbian 5.88 and LibreELEC for Khadas EDGE
  7. Each variant of the system has its own set of commands that do this. If you're into Gentoo, try asking in this thread.
  8. In the repository Disсo until the worker LIGHTDM, so you have to use the NODM.
  9. I tried to add, but there is an error at build, I will check that disturbs.
  10. Not now. In the future, when there will be a universal build for all platforms at the same time, it will be possible.
  11. All USB ports work with the new firmware for AM6. Details can be seen here.
  12. Tested on Ugoos AM6 (s922). Operation of the DDBR utility (creating and restoring a full copy of eMMC). Checked Armbian and LibreELEC installation in eMMC. On the first test version of u-boot in the firmware, there is a small bug, eMMC is defined as mmcblk0 , so when you install in eMMC you need to change the script "" number 1 to 0. By the time the product goes on sale, I think it will be fixed. The developers are currently testing a new version of the firmware, which immediately includes a universal multi-download by default. This means that users can run external systems without additional activation steps. This is the first set-top box, which will default to this mode. By the way, I really liked the cooling system AM6, the combination of a metal body and a large radiator to allow it to remove without altering the body at all of my loads. Again, this is the first TV box where I did not have to redo the cooling system. Also on the Board there is a connector for the fan, which can be used for special conditions, if you do not have enough regular cooling system (I have not checked it yet, maybe I will not need it).