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  1. Carefully read the first message of the topic (this is specially highlighted in red). The topic is closed.
  2. Those interested can buy Station P2 \ M2 models or separate roc-rk3566-pc and roc-rk3568-pc boards.
  3. To add M2 and P2 support to Armbian, need to have this equipment available. To date, I do not have this equipment. A Firefly representative promised to send it, but I do not know when this will happen.
  4. Update Legacy kernel to 4.9.201
  5. This is an outdated startup option (using boot.scr and armbianENV.txt), I use extlinux. conf. You need to use a different configuration mechanism. I don't use this functionality, so I won't tell you what to do.
  6. Sorry, I won't be able to attend, there are urgent personal matters in the family at this time.:)
  7. Edit or delete the parameter (mem=2048M) from /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf. It is used to limit the size of RAM to ensure that the system starts on any H6 models (there are models that cannot automatically determine the memory size correctly and do not start).
  8. @jmmc
  9. @JMCCIn all the latest versions with the Current kernel, I use the full package of patches from LE for RK (3328\3399\3288) and AW H6. I.e., this kernel has all the latest functions for HW (decoding, sound, 4K etc). It may be interesting for you to try to build test versions of the media package using the 5.x core with all the new acceleration features. If you are interested, I can create a PR for the new core. By the way, these patches work perfectly as a single core with a common configuration for all RK3399\rk3328\rk3288\h6\jetson-nano. I.e., these patches and the core configuration can be used as a single core for the entire ARM64 platform. In the logic of patches (names) I used the option that was previously discussed - the names begin with a digital index, which provides easy integration of additional patches for any platform and easy updating of patches when an update is released in the original patches of the LE build system.
  10. Version 20210703 for P1 and M1. Kernel 5.10.47 5.12.14. For the Legacy version, the work with the installation of the media package has been fixed. Due to the peculiarities of installing the media package, for proper operation during subsequent system updates, I recommend freezing the current kernel, it differs from those that arrive in network repositories (the list of supported modules and devices has been significantly expanded).
  11. IMHO the right option is to buy technical support for your model from Armbian. You will get a ready-made, normally working system and a constant update of your devices, taking into account security and new packages. As a bonus, you will get a wide selection of different Debian\Ubuntu systems with a desktop or server versions.
  12. Version 20210701. A significant update of the composition of images and config kernel. Current 5.10. Legacy 4.9. EDGE 5.12. Fixed the launch of the entire system from USB media (SD card is not needed).
  13. Can you check the behavior of your instance on these images (they use different patches than in the official version) ? On a Firefly-roc3328-roc-cc system similar to your model, everything works stably and without problems. There are links to the images in my posts above in this topic. p/s/ if everything works correctly with my test versions, I will be able to send patches to the official version.