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  1. A test version 20200724-install-rk3288 of the image for rk3288 with support for installing the system in eMMC. To install, run the installation script (sudo /root/ Please note that this is a test version and the test was performed only on the Ugoos UM3 model , everything works correctly on it, including the built-in WiFi. Make sure to make a full backup before starting the installation.
  2. With a WiFi connection, there are difficulties when you first start , the system can not automatically create a WiFi connection. If there is no HDMI (output to the monitor), a vicious circle occurs.for the initial configuration, you need to connect via SSH, but to create a network connection, you need to log in. In theory, you can try, after recording the image, before the first turn on, to set up a network connection via WiFi on the recorded SD card, but I have never done this and do not use WiFi, so I will not help with the steps that need to be done.
  3. In the log, I see that the kernel startup process has started. How long do you wait for the system to start (react)? What does network activity on the router show ? Are there any changes in the system (logs), as you wrote when starting from USB ? Have you tried the combined SD+USB option ?
  4. It is advisable to check the launch options with kernel 5, when replacing u-boot with your version of the file. I.e., after writing the Armbian image, we replace only u-boot with your one, and do not change the other elements. And check the system startup.
  5. Can you upload the u-boot file that you used in this version of the check ?
  6. This is encouraging. This means that the core compiled from the source code can now work and starts the system. This means that there is a base from which can go further. [ 0.000000] Linux version 3.0.36+ (root@vbox) (gcc version 4.6.x-google 20120106 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Jul 19 12:58:15 MSK 2020
  7. Now Bullseye has good support for ARM and works even better on arm32 than Focal. Development for rk3188 has just started, and you already want a complete system ...
  8. I need to check the data and then try to build new images.
  9. Check the second image. And then you can check the replacement of the kernel with the radxa version.
  10. Try images from the 20200629 catalog. LAN may work there.
  11. When starting u-boot and the main system, the kernel configures (switches) all hardware. If there is a UART, it can act as a backup power source that preserves the set parameters even when the power supply is disconnected. I regularly observe such" strange " HDMI behavior on many TV box. Therefore, when testing, I always disconnect all cables (power supply and UART) for a few minutes. This ensures that the hardware is activated correctly at startup. By the way, u-boot is the same Linux system as the main armbian system (with the Linux kernel and minisystem).
  12. yes dd if=u-boot.img of=SD_card_image_radxa seek=64 test start (log UART) dd if=parametr.img of=SD_card_image_radxa seek=8192 test start (log UART) dd if=kernel.img of=SD_card_image_radxa seek=24576 test start (log UART)