Armbians board support philosophy leads sometimes to frustration. Cause this topic came up from time to time in various threads. The aim of this thread is to summarize all those discussions and have them 'in one thread'. Current situation: There's no strict rule what is needed for getting 'armbian support' neither to drop support for a specific board. 49 boards are supported, 8 are WIP and 13 are deprecated.  Supported SoCs: i.MX6, A20, A33, A64, H2+/H3, H5, ARMADA 388, RK3288, S805, S905x, Exynos 5422,   WIP SoCs: ARMADA 3720, RK3328, S5P6818, S905,   Opinions: I'm sure, I don't catch all opinions here, but instead of merging from various threads the comments I try to summarize some of those ideas. I'm sure that I will miss some points, and everyone I mention here is free to correct me and I will edit my post to represent you correctly. @TonyMac32: config templates (what kernel options/etc are common as possible across all Armbian kernels/etc).  "freezing" would be preferable to "dropping".  This project provides more than enough information to recompile kernels and add modules/make small changes/etc "matrix of what works"   @tkaiser (hard to summarize.. ):  reduce the number of boards and increase the support level focus on interesting boards for different use cases clear structure and focus of the project, more explanation why and when a board is supported   @Igor We need to define very well what support is and throw out more deprecated boards for our own good. We are not busy solo because of too many board support count - new boards actually added little problems - but overall project expansions, lack of resources, rules, organization troubles ..   @botfap standardised Armbian functionality about 10 major boards with minor variations & "community" supported boards   Others might be also on this list, but I didn't have all opinions in mind and since they are spread in various threads I forgot where they are (that's a major reason why this thread comes up). So please don't be upset if I didn't mention you personally.
I hope, we can keep this thread 'as clean as possible' means answers like: "don't drop/add support for board xy, I use 10 of them at home..." that's not the place for this. "I think this too" is also a waste answer... There will be a overlap to other topics like the: Improve 'Support over Forum' situation Web page(s) redesign Various board bring up threads an overlap is ok, but if it drifts mostly to another topic I'll move these posts to the topics which I think they belong.   In case there are things I wrote which are obviously wrong, let me know I'll correct it as soon as possible. btw: I'm not happy with the title, therefore I'm open for a better one but the main focus should be on the topic and not on the name of this thread.