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  1. Thanks for telling. Much appreciated. @lanefu took care about already. Better stepping back than getting inactive and being kicked well the notification noise gets lower and I hope that I catch then the stuff which might be important better. I prob. missed quite some stuff due to the redicolous amount of notifications for threads to unlock.
  2. so no more hiding for @TonyMac32 btw. didn't have @JMCC also mod rights? and speaking about mods, due to busy times I had to step back from the whole project for quite a while now... Things cleaned up a bit and I might find some time to do arm related linux stuff again but likely not as active as before and so I decided to only focus on stuff I enjoy and I'm interested in. honestly 'customer service' aka user complaining about random stuff doesn't work isn't something I enjoy anymore. So @Igor @Werner and @lanefu (or who ever is in charger for that now) feel free to revoke the mod status.
  3. sd card and PSU issues was once thought to be a subforum where stuff gets moved to once we know it's a psu issue.. to point people at it in case they don't believe their shitty setup is the reason things don't go as expected.. kinda hall of ....
  4. IMO as easy as it is.. as long as we've no proper mainline drivers for the VPU stuff and 4.4 allows us to build debian/ubuntu on top of 4.4 without affecting much. we can stick to it.. I assume rockchip will rebase their BSP on something newer in the future (even their most recent SoCs are integrated into 4.4, e.g rk1808 and rk1806) and I don't think they go EOS prior to 4.4 goes EOL. Btw.. all the camera stuff also is a 4.4 only thing at the moment.. and we've a bunch of boards with doublecam ect. now.. for sure something people might get interested in once it works..
  5. I don't think so.. e.g. to reduce fall out we could first let both use the same kernelsoruces... then patch them until they're even and finally merge but either ditch ayufans or friendlies kernel.. one part which will mess is likely mali drivers but @JMCC knows more about that for sure.. ah and before we forget.. rk3399 boards going upstream u-boot one or the other way would also be nice..
  6. just a short one.. and I didn't read all of it.. working on: rk3399 to 5.6 (more or less done with: but testing needed especially for everything except pbp) display of pinebook pro working with mainline kernel - same PR camera working on 4.4 for pinebook - not even started yet I would love to merge rk3399 and rockchip64 bsp kernels to keep maintenance easier there - let's see if we get the mali mess sorted out there rk1808 into wip - the boards are there.. but time is missing and kernel source will be a pain maybe f
  7. didn'te expect it to work.. but well.. whatever works works..
  8. I would try "video=composite-1:d".. this goes in over u-boot variables, and they tend to mess up stuff.. cause it's then more like extraargs=video=composite-1:d whereas it should be extraargs="video=composite-1:d"..
  9. chwe

    Pinebook Pro

    likely due to some non mandatory stuff from tobias tree patched in.. usb dp altmode is currently a non issue at all for me, except it floats dmesg. tobias had a few patches for HID stuff in his tree which I didn't patch into cause I didn't expect them to be of importance.. Maybe I've a second look into that the next days.. HID leftovers I didn't patch in.. diff --git a/drivers/hid/hid-google-hammer.c b/drivers/hid/hid-google-hammer.c index 85a054f1ce38..2aa4ed157aec 100644 --- a/drivers/hid/hid-google-hammer.c +++ b/drivers/hid/hid-google-hammer.c @@ -532,8 +532,6 @
  10. chwe


    on arm worls there's no installer for your os.. neither on fedora nor on ubuntu.. but stick to whatever fits to you bet.
  11. chwe

    Pinebook Pro

    with the newest pushed to my PR: dev images with a working display can be built, the display is currently rather dark (I guess we've to tweak the defaults from the pwm driver a bit I had it brighter in mind when using the stock OS).. The mouse is somehow bugged so an external mouse is needed and you need to build with extrawifi=no cause they didn't survive moving dev to 5.6 For those waiting for prebuilt images based on 5.6 this ain't gonna happen yet. it's simply not ready yet to deal with debug and
  12. chwe

    Orange pi 4 Pi 4B/ the 4b and the 4 are more or less the same except the 4b USB3 is directly wired to the SPR2801S NPU.
  13. yeah but my quick and dirty patch didn't work.. it gets applied but breaks then in packing.. do you have yours already online?
  14. btw. did you had a look at the packaging script patch? They made quite some changes in it and a quick patch reverting to the 5.3 ended in a fail.
  15. chwe

    Pinebook Pro

    well even if 5.6 fixes the display.. we've to identify what changed between 5.4 and 5.6 to backport it and get display working in 5.4. As a personal opinion current should stick to a LTS kernel for the sake of maintenance, to keep the workload lower. Fixing all the broken patches with a subversion (e.g. 5.4 to 5.5) bump soaks up a lot energy. So having at least one mainline based kernel which doesn't need that much attention would be nice to keep the stress level at an acceptable level. Additionally we've to deal with the fact that @ayufan took a step back from rockchip kernel maintenance with