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  1. Best kernel for OPi+ 2e server

    Mainline is in 'testing phase' on most h2+/H3 boards. Things may not work as expected (or not working at all, e.g. CSI). It doesn't make sense to recommend mainline images as long as armbian does not provide stable builds. Nevertheless, you can download mainline images under other downloads (but armbian doesn't provide end-user support at the moment).
  2. this post explains the whole 'temperature reading' on OPi0 boards...
  3. pi prime = H5 = mainline only (armbian) = no hw acceleration
  4. Properly powering the Tinkerboard

    corrupted file system? counterfeit SD-Card? Did you test it with h2testw/f3 before writing armbian with etcher to it? The more it crashes when doing "something useful" the bigger the chance that this messes up.
  5. did you follow the 'getting started guide'? Especially:
  6. did you type 1234 two times? first for login, second when you wanna change the password. A login should look like: root --> 1234 1234 -->new password --> confirm new password If I have it right in mind ssh kicks you out when you miss to type in the old password (1234) when you wanna change it..
  7. did you tried this one? according to schematics there shouldn't be a difference between OPi One and OPi PC Plus
  8. If you would use the search engine of our forum (search for: GC2035), the fifth result is a thread named 'Armbian 5.25 on OrangePI PC: The gc2035 video camera doesn't work'. When you than read @garlics post: and you add his script to rc.local your camera will work without issues on armbian 5.37... (user-built cause it needs normally less time than starting with a pre-built one and upgrade it with apt-update/apt-upgrade, but there's nothing special about this image... )
  9. It might be useful to provide: Information about Image you use link from 'sudo armbianmonitor -u' doesn't mean anything... Reputation doesn't tell you if your card is healthy or not... Whereas tool like F3 or H2testw can do this...
  10. testers wanted ArmbianIO API proposal

    IMHO, why adding a GPIO library called ArmbianIO, when Armbian does not support RPis? To my knowledge, the only RPis with 'Armbian userland' are @tkaisers OMV builds. but from another project, I had a look at it proc/cpu info might help? """Detect the version of the Raspberry Pi. Returns either 1, 2 or None depending on if it's a Raspberry Pi 1 (model A, B, A+, B+), Raspberry Pi 2 (model B+), or not a Raspberry Pi. """ # Check /proc/cpuinfo for the Hardware field value. # 2708 is pi 1 # 2709 is pi 2 # 2835 is pi 3 on 4.9.x kernel # Anything else is not a pi.
  11. A link to the python code you use could be helpful...
  12. Fan doesn't work on orange pi plus 2e (running armbian)

    for inspiration: for getting a fast answer (we've nice search tools to find similar topics.. ):
  13. ODROID HC1 / HC2

    I still do not understand your main concerns... That write performance on USB2 sucks? btw. as a side notice... FW update worked without issues, but all directory paths of the OMVs Samba users had to be recreated, cause the old ones were no longer valid.