And, for last,  the first version of: The UN-official, UN-supported, UN-expected RK3328 MEDIA TESTING SCRIPT   This is the first release of the RK3328 media testing script. The script provides a functionality similar to its RK3288/3399 equivalents, except for the OpenCL related stuff, which is not supported by the SoC. So it includes: Installing all the libraries and system configurations necessary for GPU accelerated X desktop, Chromium WebGL, full VPU video play acceleration up to 4k@60 10-bit HEVC (the maximum supported by the SoC), and GLES 2.0 support. Three video players supporting full VPU acceleration (RKMPP) and KMS display (GBM or a X11 DRM "hack", as described by the authors), namely: MPV, Gstreamer and Kodi. A library that will act as an OpenGL to OpenGL-ES wrapper, allowing you to run programs that use OpenGL 1.5-2.0. Two additional features, that have no big interest from the Armbian development prospective, but I find them interesting to play with: Chromium browser with support for Flash and DRM-protected commercial web video streaming (tested with Amazon Prime, should also work with Netflix, Hulu, etc.), and a simple Pulseaudio GTK equalizer using LADSPA.   Here is a more thorough documentation:       >>> DOWNLOAD LINK <<<   Prerequisites: You need a fresh Armbian Bionic desktop image with default kernel installed.    Instructions: Download the file above Untar it: tar xvf media-rk3328_*.txz cd media-script ./   Notes: This script is not officially supported by the Armbian project. It is just a community effort to help the development of the main build, by experimenting with a possible implementation of the media capabilities of this particular SoC. Therefore, questions about the script should not be laid out as support requests, but as commentaries or community peer-to-peer assistance. That being said, all commentaries/suggestions/corrections are very welcome. In the same way, I will do my best to help solve any difficulty that may arise regarding the script.   Enjoy!