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  1. The easiest way is using some disk tool to resize the partition. In Linux, Gparted will do the job. For Windows, I'm not sure, probably minitool partition wizard. Enviado desde mi moto g(6) plus mediante Tapatalk
  2. What? Why don't you use the Armbian Build Script? That is what all this project is about! Applying a patch is as easy as putting it on the corresponding folder under "userpatches", or either use the command line option "CREATE_PATCHES=yes" in case you want to apply it manually.
  3. No support for anything other than Armbian Yes, I realized it recently. Only 32-bit userspace will have Widevine DRM. I thought to make Kodi run in a 32-bit docker container, but there is no ETA for that project.
  4. I would try two things: Manually insert the module with "modprobe tv", just ot see it it there. In the thread you link, the user mentions that his TV out works with jernej's OpenELEC, by doing these modifications to the fex file. You can try that, just to make sure your cable works. For last, you can try directly with our current Mainline kernel, using the suggestions in the thread linked above
  5. I just enabled the 1.5Ghz OPP for legacy. The board is clearly the fastest RK3328 I've used so far, most probably due to good emmc and memory, plus great thermal management. Due to the good thermals , I dared to dial down just a few uV from our standard 1.5Ghz OPP patch (1425000 instead of 1450000). I tested it extensively and found it stable. Reducing it to 1400000 caused some occasional instabilities.
  6. Same here, I got my Station M1 and built a Buster Legacy Desktop image with no problems. But for some reason, they are not present for download, nor in the archive.
  7. @Werner How about changing this topic title, or splitting all posts except the very first ones to a new one, calling it "Station P1/M1 Board bring up"?
  8. Let's do it P.S.: Not a big fan of ZSH so far. I installed it on my Ubuntu PC, and it all just looked like an unconfigured BASH, needing plenty of work to make it useful. I guess the Armbian version comes pre-configured, I'll give it a chance in some near future.
  9. Buster-Legacy images for Station M1 are not being built, even though they are in targets.conf @Igor Any idea what could be happening?
  10. Then it is not related to the buster multimedia framework, bit something else. Your dmesg shows a USB webcam and cheese. Try without that device.
  11. It sources /etc/armbian-release. When any update changes this file, motd will change the board name displayed.
  12. This thread seems to give a working solution for recent kernels (pay attention to the post from jernej dating of today, 2021/01/18): You can try the old image, which should work easily with a small modification in the boot files. Use this method: If it works, then you can try to make an image with a patched current kernel. No idea, I've never used AV out on my OPi+2e. However, I remember some reports that in certain OPi models the image is too bright/washed out, because of a
  13. Some day I have to test this ZFS. I'm too attached to the good ol' EXT4
  14. IIRC, AV out used to work with the old legacy kernel. You can try this image, and in case it is disabled by default, you can probably enable it by editing the fdt file: Enviado desde mi moto g(6) plus mediante Tapatalk
  15. I can see some reference to x11vnc in the log, is that so? If you are trying to play a streamed video through vnc, it will cause all kind of problems, even more on such a weak CPU.