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  1. Hello. You are using a "current" image, for the camera to work you need a "legacy" image. There you have overlays to enable the rpi cameras, version 1 and 2, but I am not sure if the NoIR will work. You need to use the RK Gstreamer plugin from the RK Multimedia Framework, instructions on this post. Please share your results here, I am very interested to know if it works or not.
  2. No, I don't own a Rock64. I only tried HW encoding on the Tinker Board (RK3288), and quality was quite acceptable.
  3. It will depend on the window manager and/or terminal program you are using. If the terminal loses the focus, then you need to give it back with Alt+Tab. I have not used this program for several months, but in early 2021 the default Armbian XFCE desktop worked fine with the default terminal it shipped. Another option is to launch the program directly from a console session (no X server running)
  4. No idea, I never did that. I guess you may be luckier in the Kodi forums. However, if you are using Kodi as a headless server, I see no point in using my packages. The only benefit they have is HW accelerated video play, but you are not using Kodi to watch the videos, are you? If that is the case, then you may be better off using the standard distro packages, which may have some functionalities enabled that are not present in my packages (maybe, I don't know, I never used them).
  5. As stated above, you can install the packages from this link: I am planning to build Kodi 19 packages and integrate them into the Armbian repos, but no ETA yet.
  6. Yes, that makes sense. As a matter of fact, the legacy Kodi packages don't have any kernel dependency, it is only the meta-package for the whole multimedia framework that depended on the legacy kernel. The reason for that was that, if installed on a different kernel, it would break the system. But Kodi won't break anything by itself, so no kernel dependencies this time, I promise
  7. @balbes150 well, I decided to put the Station M1 with a small monitor in the kitchen. That gives me a reason to make new Kodi packages. Only problem is that it is still packed in some box lying around the house. Let's see if I can get hold of it anytime soon
  8. Good to know. Right now I am in the process of moving to another house, but I will check when I get the chance about Kodi 19
  9. I see. Are you talking about a legacy kernel, or mainline? In any case, I don't have intentions to make any update to the legacy kernel packages, all new work would be done in mainline.
  10. That is correct. I did it for AllWinner when I made the packages, but kernel development was still in a very early stage, so only 1080p H264, and not all files played well IIRC. Right now, I cannot take care of it, due to many new things coming along in personal life. Maybe later, I am not sure.
  11. Ondemand works very well in this kernel, more efficient and you won't notice any performance loss in most use cases
  12. I'm not sure how this issue can be related to the multimedia framework. Please post armbianmonitor -u
  13. This one, and the link in the post