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  1. BTW@NicoD can you send me some link about that small screen you show on the video? Enviado desde mi moto g(6) plus mediante Tapatalk
  2. Cool one! You really hate the Tinkerboard, haha. It was my first SBC, and my unit works quite well (stable at 2 GHz). So I kind of like it. Enviado desde mi moto g(6) plus mediante Tapatalk
  3. You can use the Armbian build script to build your customized kernel. After you select the board and the flavor (it must be Legacy), you can also choose to have a Kernel config menu. Look for the appropriate Kernel feature (I don't know the exact name, probably use the search function and enter 'CEC'). If you get it to work, please post your results here, and maybe you can make a Pull Request and contribute to the Armbian project. Sorry, i don't own a RockPro64. You can post this question on a new thread, within this same Rockchip 3399 sub-forum.
  4. Yes, there are plans. No timeline for it, though
  5. Exactly, just disable your desktop by running "sudo systemctl disable lightdm.desktop", and then place kodi-gbm-wrapper in /etc/rc.local This script was intended only for testing, so you need to re-run it after every update that may affect some of its components. Besides that, of course you can and should update your system. We are preparing a fully integrated solution into the Armbian package repos, so you won't need to use the script any more. I'll post about it soon, hopefully. I'll say a few words about Kodi there.
  6. Hello @Unicorn, The posts you link through are also available on the regular Armbian forum, they have not been deleted. Here it is the main one: Your post is correct and according to the forum rules, I can see no reason for it to be deleted. If it disappeared temporarily, maybe it was because of a mistake made during some cleanup, or something alike. We are a small community of devs and mods dealing with plenty of stuff, so these things can happen. You are welcome to contribute and help things work better. Regards.
  7. @martinayotte Any insights on this?
  8. That sounds like a good way to implement these package groups. Maybe, for the sake of simplicity and easy maintenance, we could classify by board families instead of boards?
  9. Wow, that's very interesting. It somehow responds to what I meant for the future, about Wayland etc. Though, it does not overlap with the proposal related to AR-150, since in this case it is not about desktop environments or configurations, but about a set of packages of two kinds: Libs and configs to set up HW acceleration, regardless of the DE you are going to use on top of it. Multimedia applications, that can be run under any DE, or some of them with no DE at all. On the other hand, the AR-200 solution seems to be more focused on Mainline, not Legacy. But bo
  10. Hello. Sorry for the no-show at the IRC meeting, got the COVID and that precise day I was moving back to my home after being discharged. I'm better now, thanks be to God. I have been investigating, and got to make a set of multimedia packages that will work with Buster or Focal. I think it is a good opportunity to close AR-151, and give to users some stable and well-proven multimedia solution, while exploring newer options as Mainline or Wayland for next releases. The solution would be simply a set of packages, with some base meta-package to install them all, and do the
  11. I see you are using mainline (current) kernel, try legacy. Also, have you tried different versions of docker (official docker repos vs. distro repos)? I can confirm docker runs well on the rock64 with legacy kernel and Bionic package (apt install
  12. I have plans to incorporate the media packages compilation into the build script. Let's see if I get the chance to do it
  13. I have some time now, so I will try to get into fixing some minor bugs in media config, and probably armbian-config too. But, first of all, I need to get familiar with Jira, I haven't used it yet.
  14. Make sure it is not a firmware issue either. For my DVB tuner, even though the kernel recognizes it, I needed to download the firmware for it to work. Maybe ubuntu includes it, but not buster. Check dmesg for firmware missing messages
  15. Which version did you build? Some versions need the default location for the frequency lists to be changed in the GUI, at least for buster. Under General tab, change DVB scan files path to /usr/share/tvheadend/data/dvb-scan