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  1. Notice that you can also install Xorg 1.20 on Bionic, using the hwe packages:
  2. I'll try to make it for Jan 25 with the integration of multimedia support into the build script
  3. Currently RockPi 4b is not supporting media acceleration. It is a kernel issue, we are working on it. Stay tuned...
  4. Hello and welcome. Are you using Armbian for your project? Which board are you using? Please give more details about the hardware and software you are using, that will increase your chances to get a proper answer.
  5. Ok, everything is as expected. Kodi and docker-chromium are experimental features, it is normal that they fail. But the main ones seem to be still working. Let's see when can we integrate them into the main build script.
  6. It should run as your regular user. Can you launch the browser from console (as your regular user), and post here the output?
  7. Besides, you can already install linux on Android phones, using apps such as Linux Deploy.
  8. Also, if you are going to use the board for LUKS encrypted storage, you may want to have good disk IO performance. So you should probably aim for something with USB3 or PCI support. Rock64 seems like a good option to me, if you want something affordable.
  9. In addition to H3, other 32 bit boards already have HW crypto support in Armbian, as Odroid XU4 for example. But these older crypto implementations are slower than more recent arm64 boards (ref1 ref2)
  10. You're right, now I remembered there are some arm64 SoC's that don't have crypto extensions because the manufacturer didn't pay the license. For example, Amlogic S905 (though S905X has the extensions). So we can also discard Odroid C2 and Nanopi K2.
  11. Well, if I'm not wrong, any arm64 board will have crypto extensions, since these are part of the ARMv8 specification. So anything 64-bit will do the job. A RK3399 will be very fast.
  12. Wow, the discount is huge. Though, since shipping and toll fees will be much more than the board itself, you need to order several units to make it worth. Good choice!
  13. LIMA and Panfrost for GPU, but what interface does it use for VPU? Does it support full HW acceleration, up to 4k? And encoding?
  14. Let's see if I get a chance to look at it. Thanks!
  15. It should be working only for encoding, according to the ffmpeg output you provided. But, since it is doing SW decoding, therefore the high CPU usage. Just try this command line instead, for both HW decoding and encoding: ffmpeg -vcodec h264_v4l2m2m -i <infile> -an -vcodec h264_v4l2m2m -b:v 2M -pix_fmt nv21 <outfile>.mp4 It should run steadily at a little less that 60fps, with minimal CPU usage.