Keep in mind, the more time we need for solving your issues, the less time we have to develop Armbian. Bring up *random feature* to Armbian later might be related to the time we need to answer questions here. The following writeup should give you some insights how our forum is organised.

Bug Tracker
Bug Tracker is split into SoC specific sub-forums (e.g. Allwinner A20/H2&H3, Amlogic S905 etc.):

  • You have a hardware or kernel (e.g. missing a specific kernel module) related issue, that is the place to report it.
  • Ubuntu/Debian related questions (e.g why *random package* fails on installation) is likely not a board-specific question and should be asked Common issues.
    Use the same forums if your board is not supported by Armbian (e.g. no image is provided on our download page). We don't provide support for hardware which isn't supported by us. This counts for not supported boards and third party hardware. We simply cannot test every third party hardware you probably want to use with Armbian because we either do not own it or/and do not have the resources for such operation.
  • If you face any sorts of instabilities over time, please have a look in the SD card and power supply sub forum. Armbian is trimmed on performance, performance needs juice, not reliable PSUs and/or powering cables will avoid the juice Armbian needs to work reliable. The same counts for not reliable SD-Cards.


A support question must include the following:

  • Board you use
  • Issue you face
  • Description of your set-up (e.g. powering, connected hardware, used SD-Card)
  • sudo armbianmonitor -u - this gives us some needed logs which makes debugging way easier!


We are not 'SBC Whisperers' or mind-readers! We need logs to work with, that's why armbianmonitor -u was developed. If your board refuses to boot with a freshly prepared image from our download page, please read 'SD card and power supply' and 'Getting started' again. Chances are high that this is related to SD card and/or insufficient powering! If your board refuses to boot after upgrade try to provide a bootlog from serial console at least. USB-UART bridges are not that pricey ( <2 USD shipped from eBay/Aliexpress) and worth every cent when you work with SBCs


Lastly most of us are not native English speakers and it is not an issue if your language is not polished. As long as you try to describe your system and your problem best it does not matter if there are some small errors in wording. Further we have, mostly written by developers, for users. A bunch of questions can be answered by reading the docs and or using the search-engine first. 

Technical support questions where it will be clear that you have not read anything prior to making questions will be ignored!


Hobbyists forums

P2P tech support is mainly for boards where we do not provide any official support. E.g. boards marked as .csc/.eol in Armbian's boardconfig. Those boards do not receive the same amount of support because they are marked for a reason (e.g. nobody is interested in maintaining/testing or we do not have enough or even any samples to test). There is a Reviews subforum where people with a good background review SBCs critically. You built a fancy project on top of Armbian? We happily read your story how you get it working! From users by users, people might ask you how you solved parts or how you can enhance your project. Check Tutorials & Hardware hacks.

For TV boxes we do not provide official Armbian support. But we do offer a build script which makes it possible to build images for TV boxes and we provide a dedicated club via forums where people interested in Linux on TV boxes can discuss the issues they face.

General chit chat serves to discuss rumors towards shiny new toys and/or not Armbian related stuff - not always 100% serious here.



A section for more experienced users. For example for SoCs where Armbian support is currently not mature enough for full support, questions related to the build framework and 'Board Bring Up' for new boards we might consider supporting in the future. We cannot provide the same level of support for WIP (work in process) SoCs cause kernels for those boards are simply not ready yet. Board Bring Up is mostly for experienced users which want to contribute in support for new boards/SoCs, a *please support random board* without any rational and no interest in contribution for such a support will simply be ignored. If you just want to point us to a new interesting board our water-cooler (General chit chat) is the right place for it.