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  2. Unless someone else can confirm this behavior on another N2, you might just have a bad power supply. It may also be worth trying the HardKernel images and see if you can reproduce that fault there, to narrow down whether it's a fault with the image, or with your hardware. Without further information, there's not much here to go on.
  3. Building a Debian or Ubuntu image is relatively easy. But getting the boot sequence right is often time challenging. Often times there's little patches here and there to handle some "little thing" the hardware designers did, and if they didn't mainline whatever they did (which doesn't always happen), you're stuck with resolving changes by both the Linux kernel developers and the vendor's software team. This consumes a fair bit of maintainers' time, and is the primary reason it's not easy to just add one more board. If you can get a shell to the vendor's software image, and can't fi
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  5. Guys, try to run your helios in whatever performance but always under 1.4GHz. I have mine set to performance and throttling from 400MHz to 1.4GHz. Uptime is 9 days now. Only two of the CPU cores can run above 1.4GHz (see these posts for reference) and that might be one of the cause of the crashes.
  6. My comment might be late to the party - if there was a possibility to add an optional display and a few user-configurable buttons to the Front Panel, that would be great. I know it would mess a bit with the airflow, but it could be used for system monitoring and few other specific use cases.
  7. Please read the FAQ entry: There are a couple of comments in that post that are relevant to your question. 1) balbes is no longer working on amlogic cpus, 2) the current state of the TV box code (espeucally for amlogic) is suitible for server use only, don't expect much graphical support to be working. Also in a comment just a few posts ago, balbes expressed his opinion that he doesn't work with proprietary binary closed source code (like the legacy mali drivers). The open source drivers are only beco
  8. Mine is running absolutely stable. Only ever have to reboot due to updates. I am running OMV - I have 5 x WDC WD40EFRX-68WT0N0 drives with Raid-6 and then LVM via the OMV LVM plugin - I'm running NFS, Samba, cloudflare tunnel daemon, and Docker (in docker there's portainer, duplicacy, traefik and authelia) If it helps I'm only using the 1GB NIC and I do have the battery for power supply stability. Oh and I'm on 5.10.21-rockchip64 #21.02.3 SMP PREEMPT
  9. hello dear Arox, hello dear lanefu, first of all: many many thanks for the answer and for the headsup. Arox: thank you Arox - youre right. Lanefu: i am not so familiar with MQTT - protocolls. But i guess youre right. We can do this with MQTT too. we could read the DHT-sensor on BananaPi and mqtt the results. But what if we do it - in other words we can read a sensor like a DHT22 or similar and mqtt the results - (sending the data to GPIO pins) So - we can read a the sensor (DHT22) and then we can MQTT the result t
  10. @balbes150 Hello, I am currently using your armbian 3.10.108 image, but I want to build Retroarch in it, and found that the Mali GPU driver is missing, I want to ask, is there any way to solve it
  11. to @arox's point.. MQTT is a good fit for this. Mosquito is easy to install. Here's an example of doing something similar.. with a different library
  12. 1 2 ### Activated 1 lzo-rle zram swap devices with 1816 MB each 3 4 ### Activated Armbian ramlog partition with zstd compression 5 6 ### Activated 1 lzo-rle zram swap devices with 1816 MB each 7 8 ### Activated Armbian ramlog partition with zstd compression 9 10 Sun 28 Mar 2021 04:42:10 PM CEST | Odroid N2 | 21.02.3 | arm64 | aarch64 | 5.10.21-meson64 11 12 ### dmesg: 13 14 [ 0.000000] Booting Linux on physical CPU 0x0000000000 [0x410fd034] 15 [
  13. I don't understand your point. The problem when designing a distributed system is to ensure reliability when systems crash, reboot or the network disconnects. For systems like SBC or microcontrollers, you have to detect crash and assure recovery, maintenance and debugging on system without screen and keyboard - and avoid corrupted storage problems. For network, you must provide reconnect procedures (witch also suppose that the disconnection has been detected), frequents with over-the-air networks, or in case of peer restart. I use (and you were aiming to do so ?) MQTT w
  14. Dear balbes150 We all appreciate your effort about armbian and Librelec, But all linux projects are GPL licenced, GPL means everybody on earth can use or modify this software. Please stop naming this as theft, if you tried my Debian build linked by AC2N you probable saw that: I build this kernel from direct kernel source, not from your git branch. I build this image using fenix scrip like you, but none of fenix script developers called us thieves. I hope you can understand what I mean, Last word : I added a note on my topic on be-links fo
  15. Wow ... that is a gold Mine of Info..... Pls give me a couple of days to look into this ... I can now see that this is not a trivial task ... my friend got the device online - when it was launched but cant remember if it was amazon or ebay or somewhere else ...
  16. hello dear fellows, first of all: i am so glad to be here at this great place - this forum is so a great place - and i have gotten so much help here - and you all encouraged me ever and ever to a. think over my plans b. re-design my plans c. re-work the concepts. d. and to go ahead - thanks for encouraging me. - this is a awesome place. hope youre all right and everything goes well at your hometown. Hopefully youre well. Currently i work on a little SBC (Banana-Pi) project. I want to learn Python, and
  17. Just wanted to add my experience as maybe someone can get something semi-useful out of it. I started out with 3 - 4TB drives with 2 of them in Raid 1 and the 3rd on it's own. I installed OMV and CUPS on a Micro SD card. Even from the very beginning, I always had trouble restarting the system. Sometimes it would boot after 3 tries, sometimes it would take 20 tries. I watched and it was never the same issue twice that caused the boot failure. I removed drives, plugged in different combo's, several fixes on the forums, anything I could think of and nothing really seemed to make
  18. I successfully run armbian, and I compiled Retroarch in the system, but after running it, I found that the video driver is missing. Can you help me? How should I install or compile the missing video driver
  19. I can confirm, I'm running with a 400MHz to 1.4GHz range; up since 9 days.
  20. @jock Great great work, as usual Jock !!!!
  21. ­DISCLAIMER (PLEASE READ): everything you can find in this thread (binaries, texts, code snippets, etc...) are provided AS-IS and are not part of official Armbian project. For this reason not people from Armbian project nor myself are responsible for misuse or loss of functionality of hardware. Please don't ask about support or assistance in other non-community forums nor in the official Armbian github repository, instead post your questions in this thread, in the TV Boxes forum section (hardware related) or in the Peer-to-peer support section (general linux/software related).
  22. Thanks for finding out the cause of the problem! I just updated all seven nodes of my clusterboard, only to have them not boot... It was probably time to clean them up, but it's still annoying, and affects more than just the clusterboard, but also the Pine64 A64 LTS. I thought I was having trouble with getting this to take, but I was probably being too imatient, and not waiting long enough for the microSD resize to complete... If I understand right, the patch would go in here - - but I'm not sure which of the sunxi branches
  23. We are well aware that our support with tips and solutions can save you days, sometimes weeks and moths. But the problem is that we also have to invest time to recall, search, focus on the problem ... while you / public / users don't value this at all. Or in rare occasions. You think it's granted, but it's actually our family time/money that is going away for your/common gain. End users also doesn't support R&D at all, but you have a desire in top support, quick answers all the time, some even dare to demand and complain. Which is why we asks at least for a small compensation https://forum
  24. The issue has been discussed and solved in a recent post for OPi PC, it should also work for Zero
  25. Lion Wang , Can BPI M5 run armbian with Odroid C4 image without any issue ? no dtb need to change ?
  26. Oh okay, but I didn't know anything about the theft stories .. Sorry again .. On my gt-king pro I tested Manjaro but I could not set up yunohost under this OS, I tested the Debians posted by Darkstar on the Beelink forum but in both cases there was a problem with "Iptables "therefore impossible to install Yunohost also .. This is where @jfl told me about your Armbian build, which I tested directly but there was a system "Freeze" problem, I am discussing it on the Beelink forum and thanks @jfl who already had not badly tested (and especially who has the same gtking-pro model as me
  27. Your issue report is not a valid bug report per the Armbian bug reporting instructions ( With limited resources the Armbian project is only able to spend time on issues where all the requested information has been provided and for only the boards/images/software that are supported. Your report is invalid for one or more of the following reasons (non-exhaustive list): it is for an unsupported board or image (CSC/EOS/WIP/edge) it is for software that is not supported (such as userspace modules installed on top of the core operating system)
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