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  2. I've tried the modprobe tv command and it ran fine so I've started to think about a wrong pinout and I can definitively confirm that the one given here is wrong while the right one is given here. Using that pinout everything went fine (at least for video output, I haven't still had the chance to check audio but I would come back with a confirmation about it too) so I can also confirm that all the changes outlined in my previous post (got from that other thread I've mentioned, not my own findings) are just enough to get tv-out working on an OPi PC on Armbian 5.90 Ubunt
  3. And you will kindly cover costs of that investigation? And all those we already did but failed to fix anything? Or at least do something we need? Legacy images with kernel 5.4.y works We'll remove 5.10.y from download section.
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  5. Agree, but on 3000+ USD NAS, things ain't much better Client is high-end workstation running Mint, 10Gb connection ... 138.4MB/s 224.29MB/s ... while NFS transfer speed is normal: IMO hardware performance is just fine.
  6. and here are some more lines: [ 3.025330] of_get_named_gpiod_flags: parsed 'uart_rts_gpios' property of node '/wireless-bluetooth[0]' - status (0) [ 3.025346] [BT_RFKILL]: bluetooth_platdata_parse_dt: get property: uart_rts_gpios = 83. [ 3.025377] of_get_named_gpiod_flags: can't parse 'BT,power_gpio' property of node '/wireless-bluetooth[0]' [ 3.025427] of_get_named_gpiod_flags: parsed 'BT,reset_gpio' property of node '/wireless-bluetooth[0]' - status (0) [ 3.025441] [BT_RFKILL]: bluetooth_platdata_parse_dt: get property: BT,reset_gpio = 9. [ 3.025488] of_get_n
  7. I have a Helios4 (2nd batch) with 4 HDDs, and before I started using it, I decided to test its performance on the planned workload. However, I got quite not satisfied with the numbers. First, the SSH speed is about 30 MB/s, while the CPU core where sshd runs is at 100% (so I suppose it's the bottleneck). I create a sparse file and copy it over SSH: helios4# dd if=/dev/null bs=1M seek=2000 of=/tmp/blank With scp I get up to 31.2 MB/s: pc# scp root@helios4:/tmp/blank /tmp With rsync I get pretty much the same numbers: pc# rm /tmp/blank pc# rsync -e ssh --progress root
  8. Hi @nikkov Although quite more than a year old thread but it looks that I also stumbled on that problem too. Terrible phase noise of the produced bitclock in all samplerates tested (48/96/192KHz). Attached the relevant oscilloscope screenshot. It seems that this bitclock phase instability, jitter, creates problems in codec/DAC/ADC parts that have internal PLL and the outcome in my case is a bit of audible noise during play. Tested the same board/hardware with a RPi and it works ok, but with OPiPC and latest Armbian with kernel 5.10.8 is having this audible output noi
  9. I have loaded the latest Armbian_20.11.9_Pinebook-a64_buster_current_5.10.4_desktop.img and this problem is still present. My pinebook 1080 boots but one second after the "starting kernel...." message the screen become black. I would be grateful if somebody could kindly address this problem. Armbian has not been working on pinebooks for 4 monthes... thank you in advance
  10. thank you for the directions. I issued the command on xfce terminal; however, it complained about the firewall I am using and suggested using Based on the command directions, I am posting the output below
  11. @JVMS good morning, in a previous post you said that your chip is a 3229 but it seems effectively it is a 3228. Anyway it should work smoothly with the desktop version here I assume with android you have hdmi output, isn't it ?
  12. I've installed a dev kernel (Linux 5.10.0-rc7-rockchip64)... with 5.9 I've suffered a few kernel panics in a short period of time.
  13. There is something fishy going on. I have just installed the 5.4.91 update from the official repos and the issue came back. I then installed the binaries I built myself and the problem is still there. Super strange.
  14. No support for anything other than Armbian Yes, I realized it recently. Only 32-bit userspace will have Widevine DRM. I thought to make Kodi run in a 32-bit docker container, but there is no ETA for that project.
  16. out of curiosity: is there any chance to interact with the front panel LCD and use it to display something more useful than "boot"?
  17. This basically means you are on your own if things fail. We don't have resources in term of hardware, there are no maintainers or we simply lack of time to spent on problems you have. Via official "board doesn't start way" It's close to impossible to check why this board doesn't boot. Like project gets help or better? Merging with the topic in "board bring up section"
  18. 6.388066] systemd[1]: /lib/systemd/system/rk3399-bluetooth.service:6: Failed to parse service type, ignoring: exec [ 6.388184] systemd[1]: /lib/systemd/system/rk3399-bluetooth.service:11: Support for option SysVStartPriority= has been removed and it is ignored lines from boot log, command armbianmonitor -u dumps log to remote server - is this ok?
  19. Well it's used as my main router and it's running Archlinux ARM right now so it's not not so easy to test this stuff without messing my home net for a while, but maybe I will look into it. Btw when I previously tested driver I found out that I was getting consistent r8152 2.13+ driver fail when I was opening in firefox browser on computer connected to Nanopi R2S. Maybe it will be useful for testing.
  20. Providing logs with armbianmonitor -u helps with troubleshooting and significantly raises chances that issue gets addressed.
  21. Good day to all. In the latest builds of the system, bluetooth does not work, maybe someone knows how this is treated, help ...
  22. Dont know why it is not listed in armbian-config but try searching the classical way using apt search because there I can find it: linux-source-5.10.4-current-sunxi - This package provides the source code for the Linux kernel 5.10.4
  23. FYI for you and anybody who might be able to solve this. Your system software packages are way outdated. ii armbian-bionic-desktop 19.11.3 all Armbian desktop for Ubuntu bionic ii armbian-config XXX.XXX.3.334 all Armbian configuration utility ii armbian-firmware XXX.XXX.3.334 all Linux firmware ii hostapd 3:2.7-99~armbian5.86+1 armhf IEEE 802.11 AP and IEEE 802.1X/WPA/WPA2/
  24. Invalid issue report
  25. I think so. Since it has an external hard drive connected and is kind a NAS thingy here it handles copying from and to with close to full speed (1000mbit to say) with ease.
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