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  2. srx, how did you manage to run the 5.3 kernel image on A5X max? I tried it myself but non of the dtb worked for me. I even tried to adapt a dtb step by step to the old dtb in Kerner 4.4 images... Can you please share and detail more how you succeeded booting Kernel 5.3 image? Did you even tried the universal images for all platforms?
  3. After some discussion in IRC with other mods, I reverted the Spam Warning on you, @DisplayNameRequired.
  4. This thread is unneeded tho and ill be removed in a while
  5. Don't be too harsh here. It's a rule so no people start advertising their products on the forum. Links are allowed. Certainly to show detailed information about something, or like here to ask if it's an ok product. I'd rather not answer questions like this, but they are free to ask them. Don't try to follow the rules by the letter. Try to see if something is unfitting or not. There are a lot of links on the forum, it would stop functioning without them. Tho I can understand this might have looked like spam. I haven't seen the original post either. Just got home, I see many things have happened today. I'll read it all. @DisplayNameRequired Sorry, many new moderators. They need to learn.
  6. I've bought one, and it seems to be working mostly OK so far. The Armbian installation was straightforward. It would be nice to have a summary of how the default installation differs from a regular Debian installation, though. Its NFS server seems to be working OK. Setting at Samba for Mac Time Machine has been a bit more problematic. Having copied&pasted some example smb.conf files from random websites I got something that worked... until it stopped working, after about 200 MB of the initial 200 GB backup, with no useful errors logged anywhere. On a hunch I've tried disabling IPv6, and it has (so far!) got 1.6 GB through the same initial backup, hmmm. This probably isn't the best place to ask about this, but if anyone has experience with Time Machine using Samba (rather than netatalk) please let me know! Thanks again for the recommendations.
  7. Understand that I remove first posts with spam links every day. And never a peep. Once you started screaming, I realized you might actually be a real person. No offense intended in the latter case.
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  9. I'm currently building a new image with pinebook_pro_defconfig of Tobias "as is", I will see if thing get better ...
  10. Thank's. Nice move of you... That's your opinion. Let's see what the forum audience think's of it
  11. well I'll fire up the pinebook now with the rk3399 4.4 kernel (e.g. integrate it into friendly arms fork) and see if this works. If that works we would at least have 4.4 and likely @JMCC multimedia stuff working. I don't get why the driver doesn't even try to probe the display.. so something must be fishy here.. Someone would then need to test if this works with stock image on eMMC cause I removed eMMC and I don't want to open and close the pinebook for a 100 times during development (I don't see a reason for not, but I didn't expect the display fooling me that hard either). But hey we have a new rk3399 SBC with it's own UPS working..
  12. Right ! I've done that several times since 3 days, but my eyes didn't found something obvious, only few things I added in new builds but without success ...
  13. I think with the next LTS mainline kernel this will be possible. Right now there are still a few odds and ends, RK3399 is not as well supported as RK3288, for example. It's far better off than RK3328 though. We have some fragmentation of the RK3399 boards due to bootloader difficulties with RAM, Rockchip has been extraordinarily slow to improve LPDDR4 support Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  14. I removed the link, approved your post and moved it to TV Boxes forum, you can find it here: For the record, I still think it's spammy. And not sure what value it adds to the forum. These TV boxes I think are a dime a dozen. But giving you the benefit of the doubt, for the time being.
  15. I really would like to flag your post as a spam post because it has simply nothing to do with thread (other than mine!). Sadly I can't flag it I hope this wasn't to much a truth for you @TRS-80 Very sorry if I hurt your feelings but your post was simply spamming in this thread. I hope you accept this and don't abuse your power to ban me...
  16. You are now spamming replies in various threads faster than even I can reply to you. If you keep this up, you will be banned.
  17. Would it have been to hard for you to take the link out? Would be probably 2 seconds for you... I added the link because many people would have asked where to get it for the price... and it wasn't a affilate link or so... One question: To post a link to a site which contains a link to the shop is okay then? (like the www works...) And where is my post? How can I reuse it to change the link? 1984 so long Thank you very much @TRS-80
  18. I guess this is a "anti new user" system... I can tell it works because it stops me from participating... Ugly
  19. Posted about issue before testing properly turned out to be an unrelated router issue that just appeared after the reboot because of update..sorry. Can this please be deleted?
  20. Your very first post contained a link to AliExpress. This is clear violation of Terms you must have just agreed to a few minutes ago when signing up, specifically: I issued you a Warning for Spamming and moderated (hid) the post. You were not banned, although all your posts now will need to go into moderation queue for approval until further notice. Other mods (and probably Igor) I think might have banned you outright (or maybe not). You should be able to reply in this post, reply to other posts, etc. but each of your posts now will need to be approved by Mods, because you started off on the wrong foot.
  21. Hey community, I did do proper first posting asking about a support of a certain cheap TV Box ($18 shipped for 2G/16G version and supported soc by armbian but wihtout microsd or ehternet) in the right categorie but was warned by @TRS-80 without any explanation why? The posting is now gone before it was active. Is this normal? The only thing I could to was to "approve the spamming" or something like this... Really dump system btw... Let's see what happening now... PS.: I tried to send @TRS-80 a message to ask what upset him but I am only allowed to send "0 messages per day"
  22. From what I remember in the early days this should be possible in two ways (at vBulletin was it at least) - Handle Development not as forum but as category - simply by permission fine adjustment
  23. Hello community, I wonder how Armbian could run on this (now dirt cheap*) Mecool M8S Plus W Android 7.1 TV Box (Amlogic 905W) which doesn't have a microSD card slot or even ethernet. *Did I say dirt cheap? Around $18 shipped for the 2GB/16GB RAM/ROM sounds cheap - doesn't it? See here for more information:
  24. go out and mess with it.. it could still be u-boot related.. I'm not sure how pwm works in mainline.. Could be that there's a difference between mainline and BSP kernel. Well I guess I've to dive into Tobias mainline kernel deeper to figure out what goes wrong here.. A diff off his defconfig compared to a defconfig based on our .config didnd't show any obvious oddity.
  25. I think you might be right. But I split your topic off to it's own for discussion. @TonyMac32 made a similar comment (I think in IRC?) the other day, but I wanted to gain more of a consensus before taking any action as I am no where near as familiar as Devs (or probably even some users) on this subject.
  26. I have a suggestion for the moderators: Please move the Rockchip 3399 subforum from development to Bug Tracker if its ok! Most of the boards listed there: Nanopi Neo4, M4, NanoPC T4, Rock64PRO, Rock Pi4 are now marked as supported on the Armbian download page. I read a comment from @Igor sometime ago (not able to locate right now) that the only thing holding back the sub forum transfer was a lack of moderator action. Thanks.
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