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  2. Armbian distro is a side product. Main product is Armbian build framework which provides environment where one can recompile whole image or its vital parts successfully with far greater certainty. It also exists because we want to avoid spending time researching problems you have ... It looks like you are doing things right, but without study its impossible to say. Proceed this way:
  3. Our test hardware (Cubox i4) works but this doesn't mean all variants (we only have one device) and kernels are covered. I can't tell from those logs what is wrong. BTW. We are going to put a lot of devices into retirement, probably also this one since nobody beside me has it and I have no time for any research anytime soon.
  4. Hey sorry I had the apt running on a test instance. Been trying to solve the big that changes the request protocol after a while.
  5. Why would you want to downgrade to the generic Ubuntu kernel? (where its highly possible you will not even boot) Agree. You are already at best possible variant ... which could ofc be polished.
  6. Hi Fabio, if you could help me find the UART port it would be great . These are the pictures of my motherboard: back and front I've also noticed this two pins near wifi chip do you think can I attach an antenna!? Thanks in advance Michele
  7. Im interested to install it on an old cs968 rk3188. I flashed the file but no hdmi output can anyone help please?
  8. is it possible to boot android from usb? when i flashed the image with sdboot tool 1.69 it boots up partially and fails in short of no eMMC... if i flash android to my 16gb usb thumbdrive and leave the micro sd card inserted so it can boot from usb.... android 9 is the first one i wanna try
  9. MySQL/MariaDB have nothing to do with Armbian. These packages are userspace. Contact Debian/Ubuntu for more information. AFAIK both decided to go for MariaDB instead of MySQL.
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  12. I did some tests over this issue. Case 1: Burn the sd card with Armbian_21.08.1_Renegade_buster_current_5.10.60.img. It can reboot as expected. Case 2: Upgrade the buster to the latest sw include 5.10.63 version kernal. It failed to reboot. Case 3: Burn the sd card with Armbian_21.08.1_Renegade_focal_current_5.10.60.img. It failed to reboot. Case 4: Upgrade the focal to the latest sw include 5.10.63 version kernal. It failed to reboot.
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  14. Resume is not possible. However due to ccache compiling speeds up on every continuous run.
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  16. I have playing with CREATE_PATCHES=yes There is a guide here I also read this before So if someone is a profession developer and understands how to use diff and patch commands, then please understand that I am not, so please help but keep it as newbie as you can. So when I came across this CREATE_PATCHES option I though, ooh that's clever. I can make changes to u-boot or kernel source and it will create the patch files for me, and then I can put those patch files on my github fork of build, or in userpatches or whatever and it will automate the changes. Very clever. I think I have understood that that is what it is for. But what if I have an entire u-boot source folder that someone else from an entirely different Linux distro already did? But which is a patched version of the one that Armbian build is using for some very similar board. So probably the difference isn't that great. Is there a clever way to run CREATE_PATCHES and then when it stops to somehow diff the "build/cache/sources/u-boot-rockchip64/stable-4.19-rock3" folder (for example) that it's prompting me to change with the local complete u-boot folder that I already have either locally or on github, make the diff output only copy the changes that the other Linux distro guy did, and then press enter in the window so that it kind of reverse engineers all of those diffs and makes an armbian patch file that will automate the whole thing? Is that even realistic or is it just mad and I completely misunderstood or something?
  17. Some Helios64 had issues with CPU freezes or other instabilities. If you buy one you should make sure that you can give it back if it is one of those. Cheers ebin-dev
  18. martop


    hello, i need help with configuring BIND9. I want to set up local DNS for LAN. forwarding works, but adding a zone doesn't work. BIND9 with the first zone starts but does not translate the name to an ip address. With the second zone, BIND9 does not get up at all. What am I doing wrong? /etc/bind/named.conf.local // // Do any local configuration here // // Consider adding the 1918 zones here, if they are not used in your // organization //include "/etc/bind/zones.rfc1918"; zone "example.loc" { type master; file "/etc/bind/zones/example.loc.db"; }; zone “” { type master; file “/etc/bind/zones/”; }; /etc/bind/zones/example.loc.db ; ; BIND data file for local loopback interface ; $TTL 604800 @ IN SOA ns1.example.loc. host.example.loc. ( 5 ; Serial 604800 ; Refresh 86400 ; Retry 2419200 ; Expire 604800 ) ; Negative Cache TTL ; example.loc. IN NS ns1.example.loc. example.loc. IN A /etc/bind/zones/10.10.0.db ; ; BIND data file for local loopback interface ; $TTL 604800 @ IN SOA ns1.example.loc. host.example.loc. ( 5 ; Serial 604800 ; Refresh 86400 ; Retry 2419200 ; Expire 604800 ) ; Negative Cache TTL ; example.loc. IN NS ns1.example.loc. example.loc. IN A
  19. Hello! I have connected the WD 10TB RED HDD via external USB 3.0 enclosure to one of the USB 3.0 Ports on the HELIOS4. Unfortunately the speeds don't exceed 45 MB/s. when running RSYNC jobs. On the PC I can completely use the speed of the GBit Port.. When connected to the USB Ports of HELIOS4 the speeds are low. Can somebody help? The external enclosure is from UGREEN. HDD is NTFS formatted. Any advice will be gratefully appreciated.
  20. Yes, as I've said here: I am able to boot from SD. Am I wrong for hoping that the boot order is SD, eMMC, USB; or is it known to be SD, USB, eMMC on supported devices? Thank you for your useful replies. I'm really hoping I can get USB boot because I've just got a USB-SATA connector and I was hoping to have my OS on an actual SSD (I know the USB speed is basically capped so I wouldn't benefit from the speeds, but it'd be still better in terms of reliability). I'm running Amlogic USB Burning Tool v2.0.5.15-build7. I found it packed with a random firmware for (supposedly) my box (although the board revision no. wasn't listed so I'm not sure at all). Please, if you know let me know if there's a place to find a firmware I can trust will work. Solution here! @SteeManI was able to boot from USB! It took a bit of cursing and a lot of anxiety from when it was expanding the filesystem and I thought it was going to break. Here's how I did it: 1. Powered the box off, restarted it and pressed a key to stop autoboot 2. setenv boot_targets "romusb usb0 usb1 usb2 usb3 mmc0 mmc1 mmc2 pxe dhcp" 3. boot This works completely fine, but it needs to be done every starup. In order to make the changes persistent: 1. Mount the eMMC's boot partition to a random location of the USB drive 2. Add a file called uEnv.txt in the boot partition's root with the content: boot_targets=romusb usb0 usb1 usb2 usb3 mmc0 mmc1 mmc2 pxe dhcp Save and reboot. Done!
  21. Don't know, never used docker Anyway if the build process of the kernel package was successful a linux-src deb is created in output/debs. Everything that is downloaded like toolchains and sources is in the cache folder.
  22. As announced earlier Armbian needs to cut back supported devices to a sustainable level. Since we could not find anyone to volunteer as maintainer for the board mentioned in the title above support status will be dropped. While building your own image will still be possible Armbian will no longer provide pre-built images for download and will no longer accept support requests for this board. If you wish having this board supported again step up as maintainer for this board: More boards that will be dropped from supported status will follow over the next weeks.
  23. What an insight. Reporting bugs as a regular end-user is considered in first place as putting a pressure and stealing money from people that maintain this software. Consider to put this statement into your FAQ. Such a statement would definitely have prevented me from stealing your time. I could not find this understanding yet here.
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  25. Yeah, that's exactly what I have learned. But like, I have a rk3229 which can run things but it is very slow. Best performance "fix" is to have a 800x600 resolution. I am struggling to navigate on web, watch youtube at 480p is FAR from great... The mediaframework stuff is mostly to have the accelaration for Kodi, it doesn't helped that much with regular usage. On top of it, most of google stuff won't work (no google meet and google drive is pretty slow). Nor will any video chat platform really work, even if audio only. I am trying to make it into a cheap basic computer, mostly for productivity. Anyways, I'm hoping the H313 will be better just enough that these things won't be terrible. It can be bad, but hopefully work and it's not a trash performance. But I'm prepared for the same possible outcome, lol Thanks <3
  26. Hi @pista I have a MiniMX 2G/16G S905 TV box, it was running with LibreELEC custom build. I decide to try Armbian on it since the box no longer in use. Installed with balbes150 build on both SD and USB drive are all good (using gxbb-vega-s95-telos.dtb with ethernet only since p200/201 has got no ethernet nor wifi), but I really want to run the system from the internal storage. Coming across your post, I really like your implementation of running entire system on eMMC. Yes I bricked the box once trying to install the system to eMMC by blindly run the emmc install script I was trying to follow your steps, only archived the "dedicating 2 areas at the end of eMMC: 200MB 'boot', and the rest (~6GB) as 'root'" so far, and have no idea how to proceed further... Hope you can give me some help. "copied the root directory tree to /dev/mmcblk1p2" - Do this with 'dd if=/dev/mmcblk0p2 of=/dev/mmcblk1p2'? "(the boot "partition") without file system, and copied (dd) uboot (the mailine uboot), kernel, ramdisk, and dtb there at the predefined block positions, e.g: 'dd if=zImage of=/dev/mmcblk1p2 bs=512 seek=2859008 count=54841'" - Do you mean of=/dev/mmcblk1p1 since p2 is used for ROOTFS? and after that, how to apply these two: "used 'mmc read' to load all files, e.g.: to load the kernel: 'mmc read 0x08080000 0x2BA3FC 0xD639'" - which file should be changed (boot.ini?) Where to apply this? - 'booti 0x08080000 0x13000000 0x08008000' as 'bootcmd' to start the system. Thanks in advance.
  27. There is no procedure to update either the firmware package from this state to an up-to-date version neither the userspace. If you want to upgrade you have to start over.
  28. We have hundreds of tasks waiting for someone. I bet it's possible to find something you can contribute to. Ahaa, this. Welcome to the club. Percentage of people that knows how to deal with this complexity (on their expense!) is notoriously low since ever. New boards are coming out with at higher and higher rate, which means there is more and more pressure on people that knows stuff. Learning is very slow and expensive on the other hand. I understand you would like that your shiny new and good looking board function perfectly, but that will not happen just like that. And certainly not "now". It takes months to year(s), before they are functioning so-so (outside their proprietary kernel) and they need constant investments and love. They are like children with special needs ... I bet you didn't read requirements? If we would require that maintainers knows how to bring board up and fix bugs, nobody would apply! This is an assistance, to relieve those that knows something. They need help first, consumers of their time (you) optional. There are other roles that can help in a problems you have. A lot more is needed that you can get what you are asking for: All those things also need to be done, welcome to pick up. All roles can be from a few hours per week to full-time. And none will directly answer any of questions you have. Those roles are related with hard cash investment and since you expect all this for free ... Like we all do and we have many other problems nobody helps to solve. But has to be done in order that project function. If providing your time and expertise for common R&D work is not possible (your time is a lot more valuable, you have no time for this, ...), perhaps covering expenses of what has been asked? It is one click away. To answer some questions, people that understand things, can easily blow a week or more to provide an answer. You can also hire people to jump on problems you have at any time: Much better than begging us to do more for you. Then person you are paying sends a fix to the problem: Another difference between people that sold you some hardware and us. If Armbian solves problems you have, it support competition that in most cases in this area contributes close to nothing. With which problem I believe you have no problems with, but perhaps Armbian maintainers have? Just a rhetorical question. Before asking for support, it's worth reading this. This is not hardware sellers forum.
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