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  2. petit_miner

    HDMI in ADV7611 (oPi zero +2 H5)

    Test if the ADV7611 gets detected via I2C: dmesg | grep ADV I'm stuck with this too. You need to configure the EDID memory of the ADV7611 with media-ctl to tell the HDMI "sender" which resolutions are available. But I don't know how to do that.
  3. PDP11

    What does your workbench look like?

    What's ironic here is that it took an SBC board with only a shell for me to get the hang of RPN. I *dig* it now. I think I'm strange, but I try to *force* myself to use the unix BC or DC desk calculators. Since I could never get the hang of rpn while in school, or with a friend's bitchin hp calculator, I finally tried DC and whaddya know! I like rpn now - it makes sense. Stranger still is just grooving on what was provided back in '69/70 basically by Bob Morris and Lorinda Cherry. Whaddy'a know - it still works nice. Practice makes perfect, and my finger-memory skills using bc or dc is getting better and better. Sorry - had to get that out there. Had to show some cow-orkers tending a redhat box who were all crying about not having a calculator around anywhere. Showed 'em bc. They thought I was some sort of unix super genius. I laughed but kept quiet.
  4. balbes150

    Beelink GS1 Allwinner H6

    In Android u-boot, some providers block the ability to stop startup. It would be interesting to see the UART log when trying to run Armbian from SD card. I am interested in whether the u-boot from eMMC is interrupted and control is transferred to u-boot from SD card or not.
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  6. tibo

    Do you want to HELP? - Pine64

    Hi, The Armbian Build no more works with Pine 64 LTS using the configuration: BOARD="pine64so" BRANCH="next" RELEASE="stretch" And appending to /boot/armbianEnv.txt: fdtfile=allwinner/sun50i-a64-sopine-baseboard.dtb I saw, a dedicated DTB is now available for LTS: /boot/dtb/allwinner/sun50i-a64-pine64-lts.dtb. I tested adapting to /boot/armbianEnv.txt: fdtfile=allwinner/sun50i-a64-pine64-lts.dtb Unfortunately the issue is the same: the booting process is failing. The Ethernet plug is blinking but Linux didn't boot. I also used the images (with the kernel "next") published on but no ones work, changing or not the fdtfile file. Last time I build images it was end of December 2018 and the images worked (with the fix). So, I getted the state of the Armbian Build repository around end of December, but built images are still don't work. On my side the "debugging" is ... very difficult: HDMI doesn't work and UART as well. So I do not know what happen during the boot. Someone know if I can recover the state of Armbian Build of end of December (with all dependencies)? Someone know if the current images from are working with Sopine? Thank for your help! Best regards
  7. Azq2

    Tinkerboard S and Pi-Top CEED

    Try my fixes: [SOLUTION] Armbian kernel 4.4 has broken HDMI (don't work some resolutions) I think, your issue same.
  8. Under a dozen developers, seemingly hundreds of boards. I think between lack of hardware in developers hands and really low download numbers were primary reasons.
  9. Jaime M. Polo Esteve

    How change display resolution

    Sorry but i can't change display resolution with armbian 5.75 in one orange pi pc plus: ARMBIAN 5.73 stable Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 4.19.20-sunxi -h3disp not found -armbianEnv.txt not working -Documentation not easy and don't work Thanks a lot.
  10. akash

    I2S interface on H6

    Thanks for reply. Then i will have a look at orange pi forums
  11. balbes150

    Armbian for Amlogic S802/S812

    Judging by the log, the system starts, but there is a problem with the quality of data reading from the SD card (maybe problems with the card or card reader on the TV box). Try to write an image on a USB flash drive and also to configure dtb. If multi-boot is activated, you can use any media SD card and USB flash drives. On TV boxes usually only two variants of wired network 100 and 1000 are used. Therefore, a wired network must work with one of the DTBS.
  12. Are you asking about testing specifically on the Rock64 model ?
  13. Stephen_m64

    Pine H64 Model B

    Built Armbian_5.77_Pineh64_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.0.2.img today. Looked to have a clean boot, working video, full 3gb ram available, Ethernet working, Wi-fi working. Can play with it more later, but it is looking pretty good.
  14. gprovost

    Helios4 Support

    What you say concern people mounting on a 64bit Kernel a File System created on 32 bit Kernel. This is not the issue we are talking about. Our limitation is that simply you cannot address a File System > 16TB with a 32bit Kernel because of page cache limitation. I'm not aware of possible work around even with other File System than EXT. The only solution is to use a FUSE union file system to merge two or more partitions into one big volume. MergerFS : (It's available as a Debian package.) @9a3eedi @fpabernard You guys don't want to give a try to MergerFS ?
  15. nopnop2002

    CAN BUS support orange pi zero

    I tried install spi-mcp251x.dts on my opi-pc. $ uname -a Linux orangepipc 4.19.20-sunxi #5.75 SMP Sat Feb 9 19:02:47 CET 2019 armv7l GNU/Linux $ ls spi-mcp251x.dts spi-mcp251x.dts I added set -x to /usr/sbin/armbian-add-overlay $ sudo armbian-add-overlay ./spi-mcp251x.dts + [[ ! -n ./spi-mcp251x.dts ]] + [[ 0 -ne 0 ]] + [[ ! -f ./spi-mcp251x.dts ]] + [[ ./spi-mcp251x.dts == *.dts ]] ++ basename ./spi-mcp251x.dts .dts + fname=spi-mcp251x + [[ ! -f /etc/armbian-release ]] + [[ ! -f /boot/armbianEnv.txt ]] + . /etc/armbian-release ++ BOARD=orangepipc ++ BOARD_NAME='Orange Pi PC' ++ BOARDFAMILY=sun8i ++ VERSION=5.75 ++ LINUXFAMILY=sunxi ++ BRANCH=next ++ ARCH=arm ++ IMAGE_TYPE=stable ++ BOARD_TYPE=conf ++ INITRD_ARCH=arm ++ KERNEL_IMAGE_TYPE=zImage + [[ sunxi != sunxi ]] + [[ next != next ]] ++ uname -r + [[ -d /lib/modules/4.19.20-sunxi/build/scripts/dtc ]] ++ uname -r + [[ ! -x /lib/modules/4.19.20-sunxi/build/scripts/dtc/dtc ]] + echo 'Error: kernel headers are not installed properly' Error: kernel headers are not installed properly + echo 'Can'\''t find dtc that supports compiling overlays' Can't find dtc that supports compiling overlays ++ uname -r + echo 'Please install the headers package for kernel 4.19.20-sunxi' Please install the headers package for kernel 4.19.20-sunxi + exit -1 $ ls /lib/modules/4.19.20-sunxi/build/scripts/dtc/ checks.c dtc-parser.y fdtput.c livetree.c treesource.c data.c dt_to_config flattree.c Makefile dtc.c dtx_diff fstree.c Makefile.dtc util.c dtc.h fdtdump.c include-prefixes srcpos.c util.h dtc-lexer.l fdtget.c libfdt srcpos.h version_gen.h Can I have some advice?
  16. purplepumkin

    Armbian for Amlogic S9xxx kernel 4.1x (>= ver 5.55)

    I'm having some reboot issues with the new builds, maybe 1 out of 5 times the box doesn't come back online. I have to remove the power plug for it to boot back into Armbian. I tried both 5.0.0 and 5.0.2 builds. No such issues exist on 4.20 builds on same boxes. On 5.x the screen stays black, no IP is fetched. I tried to solder on a serial interface but couldn't get it to work. Sorry to not be able to provide more info. Update: Connected one up to a screen and after a few reboots it "hangs" on shutdown, that's my guess because no logo is displayed after the signal is cut and where it would normally reboot. Really weird. Sometimes I can reboot a couple of times in a row without issue and then it hangs again. The shutdown sequence seemed complete and the signal to the screen was cut. Normally the led then changes quickly blue->red->blue to indicate a reboot but it doesn't get that far. It's hanging or stalled right before where the system would send the signal to reboot -- It might be simple hardware failure. Some of them have been running 24/7 but I can't replicate the issue on 4.x builds. I'm done rebooting for now Been thinking about some Orange Pi's to replace some s905's as they're officially supported by Armbian, these old tv boxes are nice to recycle and give a new lease of life as dedicated server for some tasks or micro desktop but they're not the pinnacle of reliability in some cases. A lot of hit and miss with parts quality.
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  18. kexec

    Orangepi 3 h6 allwiner chip

    for those who do not want to spend their preciaus CPU time - wifi trick: mv /lib/firmware/brcm/brcmfmac43455-sdio.bin /lib/firmware/brcm/brcmfmac43455-sdio.bin-ORIG mv /lib/firmware/brcm/brcmfmac43455-sdio.txt /lib/firmware/brcm/brcmfmac43455-sdio.txt-ORIG cp /lib/firmware/rkwifi/fw_bcm43456c5_ag.bin /lib/firmware/brcm/brcmfmac43455-sdio.bin cp /lib/firmware/rkwifi/nvram_ap6256.txt /lib/firmware/brcm/brcmfmac43455-sdio.txt if display is not supporting resolution 1024x768 (like mines) then apt install x11vnc should help to change resolution down to supported one.
  19. AZClusterboard

    SOPINE Not working

    So then why do you say you support SOPINE if you don't want to support SPOINE? Because you can do it in less time means it makes more sense that I should be able to get some help rather than me wasting my time trying to do it on my own blind. There is no point in wasting that much time. That's the point of community support. I might not know a lot about this hardware or this software but clearly it's the best you have at the moment. Judging by your reaction to me, I can see why more people aren't even trying to come forward. As for your analogy, it does not apply. Money should not be a factor unless you're trying to run some kind of extortion scheme. I have never found satisfaction in finding a solution to a problem. I find satisfaction in doing work instead of trying to find out why the machine doesn't work. The troubleshooting I do is all in service of that goal as opposed to being the goal itself.
  20. windysea

    A64 date/time clock issue

    I'm seeing other issues, such as not being able to configure a non-tickless kernel. If anything, using a constant-rate (non-tickless) should be more stable but with post-14.4.y it is wildly unstable.
  21. Pol Isidor

    Reinitiate SD Card resize on boot

    Neither of above method didn't work for me. But your worked! Hence, thank you!
  22. Hi, I've had similar problems with my C2. USB would not power up any device except the internal hub. The above workaroud seems to work for me. Questions : Considering this : dmesg [...] [ 2.804560] phy phy-c0000020.phy.1: Linked as a consumer to regulator.3 [ 2.804955] dwc2 c9000000.usb: c9000000.usb supply vusb_d not found, using dummy regulator [ 2.805002] dwc2 c9000000.usb: Linked as a consumer to regulator.0 [ 2.805009] dwc2 c9000000.usb: c9000000.usb supply vusb_a not found, using dummy regulator [ 2.806314] phy phy-c0000000.phy.0: USB ID detect failed! [ 2.806322] phy phy-c0000000.phy.0: phy poweron failed --> -22 [ 2.806395] dwc2: probe of c9000000.usb failed with error -22 [ 2.806604] dwc2 c9100000.usb: c9100000.usb supply vusb_d not found, using dummy regulator [ 2.806627] dwc2 c9100000.usb: Linked as a consumer to regulator.0 [ 2.806633] dwc2 c9100000.usb: c9100000.usb supply vusb_a not found, using dummy regulator [ 2.867643] dwc2 c9100000.usb: dwc2_check_params: Invalid parameter lpm=1 [ 2.867648] dwc2 c9100000.usb: dwc2_check_params: Invalid parameter lpm_clock_gating=1 [ 2.867651] dwc2 c9100000.usb: dwc2_check_params: Invalid parameter besl=1 [ 2.867655] dwc2 c9100000.usb: dwc2_check_params: Invalid parameter hird_threshold_en=1 [...] I wonder if this patch is actually applied in the latest armbian version (I expect not seeing the latest github commit, but I can really tell) On a side note I also have another dmesg error but inconsistent (not on every boot sequence) [ 19.535969] meson-i2s-dai Unable set to set i2s description [ 19.535980] meson-i2s-dai ASoC: can't set hw params: -22 This is repeated 20 times Best,
  23. madmalkav

    Armbian for TV box rk3328

    Thanks a lot for your help! Indeed, I got to read the NEC codes for the included IR remote with "ir-keytable -v -t -p nec". Also, I have an universal remote programmed as a MCE remote and it is read correctly after doing "ir-keytable -v -t -p rc-6" Created an rc keymap for the remote, available at: Unfortunately, I get a compile error: drivers/media/rc/keymaps/rc-a5x.c:34:14: error: ‘RC_MAP_A5X’ undeclared here (not in a function); did you mean ‘RC_MAP_CEC’? .name = RC_MAP_A5X, ^~~~~~~~~~ RC_MAP_CEC Will continue looking at it later, I have to attend to other , more boring, duties now PS: I'm pretty sure this error is caused because i forgot to edit the .h file...
  24. All our (packaging) adjustements are in this patch
  25. I moved Community Support Forms above Bug Tracker. Since its the first thing they see, I'm hoping that might help users start with asking for help there, rather than flooding bud tracker.
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