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  2. Armbian for Amlogic S912

    I had exact same problem with mine (Alfawise H96 pro+). I didn't find any solution... In fact I suppose that it comes from u-boot, but I had also some powering issues. with default android, reboot didn't work (I use now superceleron ATV and it works). Powering through classical power barrel didn't work anymore and I power it through usb . I have the model with 2 hidden usb ports. I also have a GT1 Ultimate and armbian work well with kernel 3.4 with no specified dtb (no wifi but no use for me). Since it has better heat dissipation than h96, I gave up to put armbian on it.
  3. Wi-fi worked after I copied the firmware file from the legacy kernel to the mainline kernel and renamed it to brcmfmac43430-sdio.bin Please do let me know if there is a better solution. Thank you.
  4. Orange Pi Zero I2S

    Thanks all the same.
  5. Did you try to disable link negociation ?
  6. In the end, what worked for me: 0: my system: "ARMBIAN 5.35 user-built Debian GNU/Linux 8 (jessie) 4.13.16-sunxi" (called next) 1: I am not going to try using the touch layer. 2: wire things as described (with LED directly on 3.3V) 3: aptitude install linux-headers-next-sunxi 4: copy the content of "Configuration for the first spi bus" from initial post, except last line about EOF, into /root/myili9431.dts 5: armbian-add-overlay myili9431.dts 6: edit /boot/armbianEnv.txt and edit this line (some parts may be useless or overkill) overlays=usbhost2 usbhost3 spi-spidev spidev myili9431 (this appeared to be useless) 7: reboot 8: modprobe fbtft_device custom name=fb_ili9341 gpios=dc:3,reset:0,led:6 speed=16000000 busnum=1 ... and immediately the LCD turned from all white, into classic console (black background with prompt at the top) Here is my dmesg: [ 166.951033] fbtft: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned. [ 166.962129] fbtft_device: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned. [ 166.967576] fbtft_device: GPIOS used by 'fb_ili9341': [ 166.967602] fbtft_device: 'dc' = GPIO3 [ 166.967627] fbtft_device: 'reset' = GPIO0 [ 166.967649] fbtft_device: 'led' = GPIO6 [ 166.967703] spi spi1.0: fb_ili9341 spi1.0 16000kHz 8 bits mode=0x00 [ 166.983929] fb_ili9341: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned. [ 167.341354] Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 30x40 [ 167.344793] graphics fb0: fb_ili9341 frame buffer, 240x320, 150 KiB video memory, 16 KiB buffer memory, fps=20, spi1.0 at 16 MHz mentions rotate=90 ... could be usefull for someone 9: xinit worked immediately
  7. IP Camera - CCTV omxplayer

    Hi, I would like to put ip cameras into the grid as you can see here: omx cctv Does the armbian support omx player? Or is there another solution for grid view ? Hardware: Orange pi One
  8. Today
  9. Thank you. It is a very good point, but in my case, it is not that important. I've decided to buy a switching power supply like Mean Well or something. I've got about 4-5 SBC up and running now. Apparently, it is worth to invest in a good PSU.
  10. ARMBIAN for Amlogic S905 and S905X

    Hi Balbes, that latest image dated january 2018 does not boot in a T95Z Plus using the Vega96 dtb. Also with your latest images dated 26122018, which work very well from the SD, I am unable to write them to the emmc. I am missing something? Process starts, then it complains about not finding android magic in the partition /dev/data, and it boots to recovery console. Tks for ur awesome work BTW
  11. linux-u-boot-beelinkx2-default=5.35 , which gives U-Boot prompt of: "U-Boot SPL 2017.09-armbian (Nov 22 2017 - 13:55:46)" will boot Linux kernel (I'm currently running linux-image-sun8i=5.37.180112). Anything AFTER that version will not boot a Linux kernel. Complains about missing files. I didn't capture [debug serial] output of "bad" u-boots. But I can if anyone needs them.
  12. armbian on MINIX NEO U9-H

    Yes, you can try to run Armbian external media. Pay attention, for this you need to update the multiboot to that part of the image Armbian.
  13. You could try to set your country for Wifi in the config-file /etc/default/crda As I know - in Germany - the Channel 13 is allowed. So you can try to set it to DE
  14. testers wanted ArmbianIO API proposal

    I have the Java wrapper working pretty good. Same issues with Swig as generating the Python wrappers. Pointer (function, char array, etc.) parameters generate worthless code without a lot of manual man handling. Like using ctypes with Python I used JNA for Java, thus no generated code is needed. See for an example. I need to extract the full interface into it's own file, so there no need to embed it in each program. I'll wrap that up when I port all the Python demos over to Java. I have I2C and SPI examples for Python, so pretty much all the features of ArmbianIO have been tested. The nice thing is the API is the same for all languages, so unlike RPi.GPIO you can pick your language. Once I've built everything out I'll use Valgrind to verify there are no memory leaks high level code to C. You can see where I fixed most of the OpenCV Java memory leaks
  15. Yesterday
  16. I run into problems trying to get application distributed via snaps installed. Mount snap "core" (3751) [ 1691.207676] squashfs: SQUASHFS error: Filesystem uses "xz" compression. This is not supported error: cannot perform the following tasks: - Mount snap "core" (3751) ([start snap-core-3751.mount] failed with exit status 1: Job for snap-core-3751.mount failed. See "systemctl status snap-core-3751.mount" and "journalctl -xe" for details. Found out kernel module would need to enable CONFIG_SQUASHFS_XZ. Could someone help me by adding the module to Kernel or support me in doing so or with a much appreciated workaround. Thanks!
  17. Hello, Im trying to use 4x4 membrane keypad with Orange Pi with PyA20 module. Im trying this code but this not working. Can you help me? Im using Armbian 5.25 on my OPi Lite.
  18. Direct boot from hdd conected to sata

    THX for your detailed reply @valant.
  19. Web page(s) redesign

    Even in a perfect condition those forum functions are sadly not working perfectly fine. For reporting and discussing bugs, this place should be a good start: I am always in doubt when a new forum update is out since we don't have resources to fix bugs inside forum engine "Will this new one actually fix some of the bugs or introduce new ones?" "Do I have the time to apply quick fixes in case of major problems?" ...
  20. ODROID HC1 / HC2

    Ah, I thought that noise was a bit worrying, but not having used these particular disks in any other system I pushed it to the back of my mind. Thanks for raising awareness.
  21. Orange Pi R1 never comes back after reboot

    32GB shouldnt be to big - but Iam only use a 16GB Sandisk AND successfully with debian. I started with the image Armbian_5.34.171121_Orangepi-r1_Debian_stretch_next_4.13.14.7z and after some apt update & upgrade Iam now using Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.37.180112 nightly Debian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch) 4.14.13-sunxi root@orange-pi-r1:~# Please recheck the uSD Card with h2testw - maybe the Raspberry hasnt seen a problem on the card or didnt used a "defective" part of it. The R1 only doesnt need much power. I installed and updated him with ethernet. After all was working I configured the WiFi and disconfigured the Ethernet.
  22. I haven't tried to build a Linux image. There is no serial output with the Android image I tried. Can you share a Linux image for me to test?
  23. Should have reviewed that earlier
  24. Armbian for Amlogic S805

    I have also tried to setup zram but I get the following :- sudo modprobe zram modprobe: FATAL: Module zram not found in directory /lib/modules/3.10.99 Please Help.
  25. Lime2 not booting afer 5.35 uboot

    Hi, Yes i have encoutered some problem with 5.35 prebuilt image (stop at a dcdc voltage on UART output), so i have finally made a userbuilt image with the last 5.37 and legacy kernel. It's boots fine , thanks My cards have all batteries connected and good power supplys, not HDMI, but parallels RGB screens.
  26. Kernel Update Cubitruck

    1. Update your system to latest (apt update & apt upgrade) 2. Go to armbian-config (apt install armbian-config if its not there) -> system -> Switch (to alternative kernels) -> choose NEXT A process is tested on most recent builds, while on some very old builds + update it might produce some troubles.
  27. it wil detect it and work in motion but it wont work in mjpg_streamer
  28. Kernel 3.14.29 usblp module compilation

    Core to s905 and s912 in common.
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