Registration Terms



  1. The official forum language is English. Non-English posts may be hidden or deleted. Please use a translation tool if necessary.
  2. Do not bump topics or create duplicate messages for the purpose of bringing attention to your issue. If bumping an old topic to resume conversation or provide new information, update the beginning post if possible.
  3. Always be respectful to each other. Be a good community member and practice proper netiquette.
  4. Try to stay on topic defined by the starting post or developer posts in the thread. Off-topic posts that derail the discussion may be hidden, moved or deleted.
  5. Do not abuse private messaging for tech support. Support issues should be discussed on the forum to benefit the community.
  6. Do not abuse the forum for marketing or self-promotion.
  7. Do not spam. Posts recognised as spam may be hidden or deleted.
  8. Breaking the rules will result in a warning. Multiple warnings will result in a ban.
  9. In case you think moderator abused your rights, use this form. 


Users with moderator rights:


  1. enforce users policy.
  2. move threads to the correct sub forum
  3. cut and move off topic sections from one thread to another,
  4. merge more topics under one if that gives better topic overview,
  5. can edit posts for a purpose of:
    • moving code under code,
    • moving text under spoilers,
    • if author explicitly asked for,
  6. breaking the rules will result in a warning. Multiple warnings will result in revoking moderator rights

January, 2019