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  1. I normally compiled.
  2. meson8m2_n200_m8s_plus(2).log
  3. Does not work meson8m2_n200_m8s_plus(1).log
  4. ((( meson8m2_n200_2G_MXIIIPlus.log
  5. No load((( meson8m2_n200_2G_M8SPlus.log The problem is not dtb files. The problem in the kernel.
  6. meson8_k200b_2G_emmc_sdhc.log
  7. meson8m2_n200_m8s_plus.log meson8m2_n200C_2G.log meson8m2_n200_m8s.log meson8m2_n200_2G.dtb.log
  8. yes. no problem!
  9. meson8m2_n200_m8s_plus.dtb
  10. Does not work((( "Armbian_5.27_S812_Ubuntu_xenial_3.10.99_server_20170526" armbian31099.log And "Armbian_5.24_Vegas812_Ubuntu_xenial_3.10.99_desktop_20170113" works ! _armbian31099.log
  11. not working(((
  12. wire network has earned!!! HDMI is connected to the TV. Does not work((( On "Armbian_5.24_Vegas812_Ubuntu_xenial_3.10.99_desktop_20170113" hdmi worked perfectly !!!!
  13. Hdmi does not work ( Lan does not work ( Wifi is working. My dtb file. With others does not work. meson4.dtb