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  1. Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 H3 & H5

    Any news on the H5 board? Mine is on order and should be here next week. I have been testing the H3 board and can't seem to get the SPI driver loaded into /dev/spidevX.X - anyone have luck with that?
  2. FriendlyELEC NanoPi K2 (S905)

    Got some responses to my emails to FriendlyARM - confirms that they're more pathetic than I ever imagined. When I asked for how to enable SPI on the NanoPi-K2 they said "We've not tested the SPI driver under the Ubuntu Core, you can test it by yourself." When I asked about the GPIO pin mapping they said "Now we also don't have a map which translates the header pin numbers into GPIO numbers, you will need to calculate it by yourself." WTF! Update: digging around through the kernel info I was able to map the GPIO header pins to the /sys/class/gpio numbers. I updated my project -> with the new table which translates header pin numbers into GPIO numbers. Now all that's missing is the SPI driver. Anyone know how to build the s905 spidev driver for Ubuntu core?
  3. FriendlyELEC NanoPi K2 (S905)

    Well - I got my K2 board today. It doesn't seem to have any SPI driver which makes it somewhat useless for my needs. It does have a GPIO class driver, but without documentation it's useless too. Anyone have some info?
  4. FriendlyELEC NanoPi K2 (S905)

    I released this project on GitHub -> as an efficient way to talk to SPI connected LCD displays. I recently added support for the NanoPi2 with a header pin translation table and simple API for accessing GPIOs.
  5. FriendlyELEC NanoPi K2 (S905)

    I appreciate your suggestion, but I don't think that will work. I also have a NanoPi 2 board and it has a completely different GPIO arrangement. Luckily it is supported by the matrix app and I was able to write my own code to talk to GPIO+SPI (ili9341 display). Each board is unique and the way the GPIO is wired is non-standard. The SPI+I2C have Linux drivers with simple interfaces. The GPIO has a Linux driver, but unique numbering scheme.
  6. FriendlyELEC NanoPi K2 (S905)

    Anyone find a GPIO map to translate the header pin numbers to use the /sys/class/gpio? I'm getting my K2 board tomorrow, but now see that there is 0 documentation on using the GPIO. FA's matrix project doesn't seem to support the K2 either.