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  1. Thx worked well, I should work out by myself, I am a great noob. Oh well ;-0
  2. I have installed omv and pi-hole via armbian-config and I can get web access to omv but when I try to get to pihole on my_server_ip/admin I am getting OMV screen red with software failure, as omv web interface seems on the same ip only without webport. So how to get to pi-hole web interface? Cheers
  3. Hi there, I am just starting with Armbian, installed on odroid c2 emmc card, all seems to work, but when I tried to install software via armbian-config/softy just when I hit that I got on the screen small error: /etc/resolvconf/update.d/libc: Warning: /etc/resolv.conf is not a symbolic link to /etc/resolvconf/run/resolv.conf It is disappearing after 2-3 sec and I can install software which works (at least omv which I wanted) but it is weird to me.