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  1. The positive takeaway from the discussion is that, performance is not only about the RAM, but also the CPU. I still suspect that Chromium browser could be the culprit, but that is another topic. After some research I found that the newer version(v8) of ARM processors support SMT (Simultaneous multi-thread) processing per core. The version 7 has only single thread processing per core, which could be a cause of freezing Chromium.
  2. Thank you for letting me know about the H3 Droid OS. Much appreciated.
  3. You are correct. My mistake, I meant Orange Pi Plus 2
  4. Now I get it! Thank you for explaining. I reviewed the AllWinner H3 datasheet to find some information about the memory architecture and addressing, but was unable to find any accurate information. I found some generic information here: (Page 28-29) Is there any website out there where we can check the spare part compatibility for micro-controllers?
  5. I have updated the firmware version in my original post: It is an AllWinner Sun8i family H3 Board armbian-firmware 20.02.4 ArmbianMonitor dump is here: I have the tools and time, besides I don't feel like buying a new board now. I can find the spare part online, the only confirmation I need is that it will work.
  6. Thank you for your reply. I did read your reply on the other thread, but was unable to understand the logic of extra address lines. My ARM board uses 32 bit addressing, and not sure what is the RAM limit. My logic of upgrading the RAM is to avoid the over utilization, which leads to overheating and locking up. If I use 2 GB RAM instead of 1 GB, would this not allow me to run more applications? I mean the Orange Pi PC 2 has H3 Board with 2 GB RAM, so I suspect there is not much of a difference between Orange Pi PC and Orange Pi PC 2. If I can purchase the RAM chip of an Orange Pi PC 2 and solder it on to an Orange Pi PC - it should work right? From an OS standpoint, I have tried increasing the swap, but that has not helped improve the performance. root@orangepipc:/home/orangepi# swapon -s Filename Type Size Used Priority /swapfile file 2097148 312088 -2 /dev/zram1 partition 495296 281412 5
  7. Thank you for the reply. My main query is hardware related as I have noticed that the ARM CPU performance is not great while running multiple applications or content. For example if I open multiple tabs (2-3) on chromium which has different web content such as video and images - the browser just locks up. When I open Chromium with a blank tab, the CPU usage sometimes goes to 100% which prompted me to ask a question about the bulky browser. I'm well aware that this is an Armbian discussion forum, hence I browsed to find the right thread to post my hardware query. Not sure why the other poster, Igor, was nitpicking my post. The reason I mentioned OPi community is because there are many Orange Pi users who post on these forums, hence I was trying to gain their attention as Orange Pi doesn't offer much support. I have installed Armbian Buster, but I'm not aware of any Armbian specific commands, as I mostly use Debian commands. I have used the armbian-config utility, but I was unable to find any other Armbian specific commands in the documentation. I found your commands here: Yes, maybe time for me to buy a new one. The ARM technology is advancing very rapidly and maybe will replace the intel architecture in a few years. Gone will be the days of desktop and laptops running on intel processors. Unfortunately, I bought an ARM with just 1 GB RAM, but I bought this as a replacement for my old laptop which I sold during a crisis. I did browse the forums before posting and found that one of the users had successfully replaced the RAM chip:
  8. I have edited my original post.
  9. Hello Opi Community, I have an Orange Pi PC with the below HW Specs: Snippet of lshw output: description: ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l) product: Xunlong Orange Pi PC width: 32 bits capabilities: smp 4 CPU Issue: Chromium locks up frequently while browsing the internet. Yes I'm running the ARMBIAN OS (Armbian Buster) Chromium Version 76.0.3809.100 (Developer Build) built on Debian 10.0, running on Debian 10.1 (32-bit) Not sure if it is an H2 or H3 board. How do I find it? It is an AllWinner Sun8i family H3 Board armbian-firmware 20.02.4 ArmbianMonitor dump is here: I would like to know if I can upgrade the RAM from 1 GB to 2GB ? If yes which RAM chip do I purchase? I have a soldering kit with me to replace the RAM chip. Bonus Question: Not sure if the issue is with chromium itself, if anyone has experienced this, is there an alternate browser? Regards, OPi user