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  1. Follow-up on Ugoos Am6 plus (s922xj). Now I have also got WiFi working (with image 20.09, kernel 5.8.10). It turns out that the clock frequency for SDIO was too high, and it manifested itself via an error "mmc0: error -84 whilst initialising SDIO card" in dmesg. Inspired by I tried to edit the max-frequency setting in the dts/dtb file (meson-g12b-ugoos-am6). In the sd@ffe03000 { ...} clause changed the original entry max-frequency = < 0x5f5e100 >; to max-frequency = < 0x17d7840 >; (i.e. lowering the frequency from 100MHz to 25MHz), a
  2. OK, I will try a shorter post this time. I have got Armbian 20.09 (buster_current_5.8.10) up and running on the Ugoos Am6 plus (the newer version with s922xj SoC) using the supplied dtb for Am6. Everything seems to work fine (ethernet, usb, graphics, sound, video playback (see below) and Bluetooth) except wifi. The clock speed cannot be set (in arbian-config) above 1992MHz however, and I have a similar problem with the picture (thin colored vertical lines at the borders of the display) as tonny above. dmesg_UgoosAm6plus_Android_edit.txt.gz dmesg_UgoosAm6plus_Armbian_20.09_5.8.10-arm
  3. How to get a working LED/VFD front display on Tanix TX3 mini-A: First, many thanks to Balbes, Igor and the other heroes of the Armbian community. Instructions (noob-like, i.e. like me): Install (see instructions at the top of this thread) the dtb file meson-gxl-s905w-tx3-mini-vfd.dtb.gz and boot your tx3 box with this file. (This assumes that you boot from SD/USB so that you don't risk bricking your box. See also notes below, incl md5sum) Download the vfd code (module and daemon) tarball vfdd-20181209.tar.xz from a link at the bottom of the page http: