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  1. Yes, the rockpi4a (!) is equipped with eMMC, but my experience was that uSD takes precendence over eMMC - at least on my board. The eMMC has the working 4.4 debian kernel from radxa, everything working with the disks except for see above (idling disks crashes system). When i ALSO insert a uSD an power cycle, the rockpi4a will boot from the uSD first, for example with the working armbian 4.4 image from radxa server (my first URL). Of course, there may be more complications in the bootstrap process that i don't understand, but removing eMMC is really not an option anymore on this board, its inside the raid case with heatsink and M.2 adapter. It's already terrible difficult to squeeze the uSD into its slot because thats now hidden behind the PCI extension cable. Waiting for an uSD extension cable/board *sigh*. Would be lovely to have a way to boot the board remotely, e.g.: without plugging/rewriting modules. Any netboot option ?
  2. Maybe 10 minutes. Do you know if the console output is supposed to work in the armbian 5.x kernels ? Because if it is supposed to work, then its clear that its broken early in bootstrap: No console output. If console output is not working, then yes, the wait would be necessary, but see above..
  3. The following image boots fine from microSD card on my RockPI4a (2GByte): https://dl.radxa.com/rockpi/images/third-party/Armbian_5.67_Rockpi4b_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.154_desktop_20181210-gpt.img.gz Unfortunately, that images' kernel does not seem to include an AHCI driver, so it does not find the 5 SATA port miniPCIe controller. i am using. That controller is working (mostly) fine with the Radxa provided 4.4.100 debian kernel though. So, i tried to install the following current images: https://dl.armbian.com/rockpi-4a/Buster_current https://dl.armbian.com/rockpi-4a/archive/Armbian_19.11.5_Rockpi-4a_buster_current_5.4.6.7z On both of them, the board will not boot. Console output stops after "no trust IMG", and HDMI never has signal. I do not understand the uboot process, so i can not figure out how to analyze what should happen during bootstrap and whats wrong with the images. Pointers to documentation welcome. Maybe there is something wrong with the image building first stage bootloader or the like.
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