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  1. as firmware there are two, but as kernel object I have found only one ... so if math is not an opinion I have good hopes
  2. @fabiobassa trust me, with woodoo, everything has happened so far because this wifi must now start working 😂 edit: just to get you noticed, I have not found any ssv6051.ko file ... only ssv6x5x.ko could this be a good sign?
  3. 8189fs.ko8189es.ko8188fu.ko8188eu.kossv6x5x.kobcmdhd.ko8723ds.ko8723cs.ko8723bu.ko8723bs.ko all wifi modules from kernel 4.4.126 , I suppose they are all the existing wifi for the rk322x well ... at least brick and go from the stars to the stables and then to the stars again it served something ... please, now get me a working wifi 😁
  4. @fabiobassa the kernel on android installed is 4.4.126
  5. @jock I noticed that the two cfg files have configurations similar but some things are set different ...
  6. @jock @fabiobassa peeking through the firmware of the wifi cards of the android installed in the nand i noticed that there is this: ssv6x5x-sw ssv6x5x-wifi.cfg could be the wifi card in armbian does not work because it needs these different firmware ?? ssv6x5x-sw.binssv6051-wifi.cfgssv6051-sw.bin ssv6x5x-wifi.cfg
  7. @jock have you tried to compile the latest development-builds? if you notice there are changes that concern a week ago on the mesa opengl
  8. out of curiosity I have seen that the drm driver Lima (mali 400-450) are in fair development, and also the mesa opengl have you already tested these in developement? if I want to do some tests, what should I do, who can help me? I never built in cross hardware
  9. I can understand this reasoning ... But this makes me believe more firmly about the validity of the open source, if you have hardware working with opensoruce, even if the owner company is no longer available for any reason, the hardware always has the opportunity to improve ... I have become from my experience more convinced that it is better to invest in open source, I mean both in time and in money, especially if you are an end user, my experience is in the field of 3D in general, years ago there were many powerful and also expensive 3D applications, and people have invested a lot of time
  10. I answer a little to everyone to simplify .. Yes I was referring to the usb 3 of the pc, It is a pity that there are still companies reluctant to release the open source drivers and firmware of some hardware, yet they would all benefit us, the users who would have well-functioning hardware, and the farm maintainers who would have less time and money to invest to debug and operate at best their hardware ... stupidity take me away. 😁 my only desire to have this tvbox operating with armbian is to set up an octoprint server so that I can remotely control my 3d printer while printing, so i
  11. @fabiobassa Probably it was usb 3, i don't know, for me this whole process was relatively new .. The strange thing to say, that the first backup I had done without any problems on a usb 3, so this is triggered me, it was also quite fortuitous to guess to try a usb 2. Back to normality , I can't activate the wi-fi on armbian, I removed it from the black list, and it shows the 2 famous wlan0 and p2p0 not activated Is there a possibility to bypass this problem or do i have to give up for the internal wifi and using a usb wi-fi ?? Do you think this problem is permanent, or is there a
  12. @jock @fabiobassa Success! First of all I want to thank the two of you guys, and all the others too .. without you, I would not have experienced this new adventure, I certainly would not have got bogged down and I would not have come out of the sand afterwards .. certainly I have acquired a lot of important experience. now I will tell you how I managed to resurrect something apparently dead .. You already know the first part of the story .. I was about to give up, until I read the last suggestion of fabiobassa, to flash the original rom ... which in reality I had already downloaded
  13. @jock ./rkdeveloptool ef Creating Comm Object failed! ./rkdeveloptool wl 0x0 Armbian_20.05.0-trunk_Rk322x-box_focal_legacy_4.4.194_desktop.img Write LBA quit, creating comm object failed! my suspicions are at risk of being confirmed, I think I have done some damage what do you say or do you think it remains to do ??
  14. @jock apparently I can't flash from windows with that tool, it was the tool I used to make backups, and for some reason even if it see the mask rom mode it doesn't work as it should, (I saw some demonstration videos) I'm afraid I did some hardware damage yesterday making random attempts to find the clock pin ... now I'm trying from linux with your instructions .... from linux the first thing i noticed, is that now the usb port is seen as 2207: 320b and it is like all the other rk2329 ... while before it was seen as 2207: 0002 ... now i am crossing my fingers hoping to have more luck ...
  15. @jock @fabiobassa now i am in mask rom, but when i try to flash the backups i had done it tells me that matck device type failed ... so i am stopped .. i am not sure what i have to do from now ..
  16. fantastico... I presume by the name that you are Italian aren't you? Well thank you ... now I see to resurrect .. from stables to stars alle stalle alle stelle again the fact is that this is also the first arm board for me .. and i didn't know that i had to be more careful ... the world of x86 and android recovery of the phones got me used to it
  17. maybe it was mmcblk0, I don't remember well I installed from armbian-config I prepared the rom from your first page with the method of starting directly from sdcard suggested in the comments below. I had performed the hexdump before launching the installation but nothing had come out, it could not find the path of the file, there were subfolders, I promised myself to investigate better after the installation and instead I found the surprise. what do you think prevents the sdcard from starting now? @jock I got an idea, I have another identical engine, which I have for the other T
  18. well .. my journey was intense but short, with your advice I managed to backup the rom, using the method suggested by @MFaust so sure that everything went smoothly, I started armbian from sdcard and I tried an installation on mmcblk2 ... I restarted and end of the race, the device does not start anymore, neither from nand that from sdcard. the strange thing is that it fooled me is that since the sdcard turned out to be like mmcblk1 and the internal memory as mmcblk2 I didn't think it would even ruin the boot from sdcard. after which I spent all afternoon trying to debrick the device
  19. hello everyone, it is the first time I write in this forum, I have a tvbox based on rk3229 and I happily managed to boot armbian on sdcard, thanks to your advice, now I would like to install on internal memory but to do this I would first like to do a bakup of android and here my problem arises .. first of all my device is an rk3229 with 2 gb of ram and 16 days of mmc memory m but when I went to try the rockchip tool to make the backup it tells me that it cannot find the device .. and in fact instead of 2207:320b it is 2207:0006 ... so I did a quick google search to see what it was and I a