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    Hi, a quick start for this TV Box. There are several comments on the 905x3 thread but, for the sake of easiness, I've created this blank new thread.
    My experience with H96 Max X3:
    (1) Downloaded (from yandex) and burned Armbian Armbian_20.05.3_Arm-64_buster_dev_5.7.0-rc2-next-20200424_desktop.img 
    (2) Copied the /dtb/meson-sm1-sei610-ethfix.dtb into the SD card and modifed uEnv.txt to load that dtb and uncommented the 'APPEND' entry on aml s9xxx section
    (3) Made a copy of into u-boot.ext
    (4) Booted with 'the toothpick method', armbian started, basic setup, there you go... perfect armbian desktop 
    (5) I did a copy of both the emmc and the working SD into a remote ssh server. (I used a $sudo dd if=/dev/mcblk2 | gzip -1 - | ssh <myuser@myhost> dd of=emmc_backup.gz) and something similar for the SD card
    (6) I ran the emmc install script ($sudo /root/ (A warning here: first run I did it from within /boot and it didn't work. On a second run I did it from user home and worked just fine)
    (7) SD card removed, clean armbian desktop boot. I did some 'package cleaning' like removing Open Office and some other junk
    (8) Made a few configuration changes through armbian-config tool 
    (9) I installed tightvnc server, plenty of manuals out there (little warning; I struggled enabling it as a service because of an 'old guide'. Make sure you use systemctl and create the .service file)
    Not working, for now:
    - Wired ethernet negotiated speed at 100Mbps only (It worked at 1 Gbps in Android). 
    - No sound: I've read some potential workaround on the 905x3 thread. I'll try to fix it and will edit this.
    - No led display on. I've read is kind of tricky but I believe there's a workaround
    - Bluetooth: Need additional testing. Linux says it is ok but pairing didn't work.
    All in all, a quite straight forward install. Please add your comments if you know how to fix the non working stuff or about improving the process.
    Best of luck!
    [New findings added on May 11th]
    - I followed the following bluetooth firmware procedure from @ramoncio and @root-stas:
    put to folder "/lib/firmware/brcm" file bcm4335c0.hcd from:
    with name "BCM4335C0.hcd" and reboot.
    But while system seems to load the firmware, bluetooth isn't visible or capable to find any discoverable devices so.. I don't think it is really working for me.
    - I replaced dtb with h96max-x3.dts from @root-stas:
    It fixed the wired Ethernet and set it to 1Gbps. 
    HDMI sound continues not to work. If I plug an USB headset, though, sound will play through headphones.
    Tried Lirc to test the remote but service failed to start