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  1. 3735943886's post in armbian-config text layout’s broken when launched under screen was marked as the answer   
    I solved this problem recently.
    Broken layout under GNU screen was caused by non-english locale setting.
    I changed locale from ko_KR.UTF-8 to en_US.UTF-8 and all works fine. (locales was set via Personal setting of armbian-config)
    I hope you developers could reproduce its layout problem by changing locale to ko_KR.UTF-8. (or I think there may be similar problems with some other locales except english)
    How to reproduce the prolems.
    (Ver 10 burster armbian/NanoPi R2S)
    1. Set system locale to non-english. (i.e. ko_KR.UTF-8)
    2. Make sure that all of LANGUAGE, LC_MESSAGES, LANG was changed to ko_KR.UTF-8 in /etc/default/locale
    3. Reboot or Reconnect ssh
    4. Launch GNU screen
    5. Launch armbian-config
    6. Layout will be broken
    Thank you.
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