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  1. I referred to the armbian build script that you customized for rk3318 in your fork. I have used my box as a mini router, just editing some parameter in sysctl.conf for preventing strange result in overhead and interrupts. It's good to use it for home proposal. The only problem is integrated 100M ethernet that is slow. An usb 3.0 gigabit ethernet adapter, is a solution, but i noted that it is not fully working in the 5.14 kernel.
  2. Great Work, also with 5.14 it is working like a charm. I will try this version to see the video decoding performance. If i would like to build an OpenWrt image, do you think is possible to adapt your script? RK33xx are supported by OW for developing board..
  3. I Will try, thanks! as soon as I have time I do it!
  4. GPU performance are Better with old kernel? 1920x1200 Is tipical of fullhd monitors in 16:10 but we Remember that our boxs are TV box, so.... I detected that screen goes off for an invalid EDID received from DVI monitor. If i start the box with a TV, after that i can connect the monitor with full HD 16:9 that Is good. But i would get around that problem without connecting any device, possible?? (maybe configurino a fallback in Xorg? I'm not Expert of Xorg and sessione) 🤣
  5. Everything looks good, GPU performance not so good. I made many experiments. My DVI HDMI monitor has 1920x1200 resolution. If i boot the box with It, display doesn't start. If i connect It to a full HD device and then to the monitor, the display shows up with full HD resolution. I tried to add monitor setup with right CVT calcution but Xorg Stuck on starting. @jock
  6. Monitors with DisplayPort not working, but a simple TV works.
  7. Thats good, but working It with a Little desktop Is Better 🤣
  8. Nothing ti do. Also with lxdm, once DM starts, screen goes off. If i stop the dm with systemctl, the console reappears.
  9. I'll let you know! My telegram Is Always on @nerdherd96 Maybe it's a display compatibility problem, but the display shows well until the desktop start. Maybe it's a x11 or lightdm miscofiguration. I would like to know where to take the right logs.
  10. So, i'm italian too. If you Need something for testing i have a box with rk3318. Mine Is Bqeel R2 plus 4/64, It Is working well, only HDMI doesnt work, but i can access with ssh and vnc. Let me know @nerherd96 on telegram
  11. Hi, i booted with no problem the mainline Debian version. The only problem i have Is that HDMI output works until desktop starts. No problem with vncserver. Any advice? I tried lxqt, xfce and gnome. Everytime same problem.
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