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  1. Random freeze and reboot is most likely due to a bad PSU. Try swapping the power supply with another one and maybe try a different cable as well.


    Please provide the output from below commands with the USB WiFi dongle connected:




    uname -a

    My PSU os the one provided by the seller kit, is it of bad quality?

    I will execute the command and will post the results!

  2. I've just started using armbian yesterday and one of the first things that i'm trying to do is use my cheap USB wireless module. The chipset is the RTL8188, but the armbian originally recognised and loaded the RTL8192eu driver. When trying to connect with 8192 driver it always returned "Bad Password". 


    Changing the /etc/modules-load.d/modules.conf to 8188cus initially seemed to work, but on the validation stage itsimply freezed and automatically rebooted, repeating it for as many times as i tried.


    I've also test with others like 8192eu/8192cus/8188eu/8188cu and all of then either returned no wireless network found or freeze and reboot. Is there any way to solve that?