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  1. I've been away from my rock/pine/orangepi stuff for a while whilst life, the end the uni term, and complaining against the latest political brainwave of our government... but time is clearing up again, and I can start following the forums and documentation and stuff. My 2 cents is I agree with the general view expressed by @tkaiser... I don't like deleting stuff unless it is duplicated, with a polite note to the OP to bring their attention to the forum rules. What I would do in the case of those who have not done their due diligence and are asking for support, or who are not doing what is aske
  2. Indeed... antennas do matter... you can boost the range 2x or more easily by changing from the standard 'wire' type (as the most basic antenna is nothing more than a wire of the an appropriate length so that it resonates at the correct frequency), to parabolic dish or yagi type. The straight wire type that you would find in most router 'rubber ducky' antenna is omnidirectional, whereas the parabolic dish or yagi type are directional - hence the increase in transmit/receive range - because the signal is focused. I'd also be curious since Igor is doing that setup how much of an impa
  3. What Igor said. From what I've seen mentioned, it sounds like in this case "newer != better" :-( I have two V1.1 Orange Pi Zeros that I purchased 2-3 months ago via their aliexpress page, and (after testing that both worked!) I have had one running 24x7 since I got it, open air without a case, plugged into ethernet running node-red and some other bits. I turned everything down power-wise and down-clocked it using the h3consumption script, and haven't had any issues with it, and it runs nice and cool. It does have a heatsink on it, but it certainly doesn't *need* it, but it helps keep it cool a
  4. Try the below - as you probably need the PHP7 packages. Or as Igor said... as he posted whilst I was typing sudo apt install php7.0-cli php7.0-xml php7.0-mbstring
  5. I haven't tried a mainline kernel with USB recently, but I see that for the A64 that USB is still a Work In Progress (WIP) on the mainlining status matrix, so perhaps it's still a bit iffy. I'll try and give a recent mainline image an try tonight and let you know my results...
  6. ILI9341 being printed on the board unfortunately sometimes means absolutely nothing nowadays, with Chinese manufacturers re purposing boards and substituting chips. I bought a 3.5" LCD Arduino shield about six months ago, intending to use it with a STM32 project, and had to give up, as it most certainly didn't have the ili9488 chip that it claimed to have... either that or is was faulty, as nothing useful for identifying it was reported by the Arduino equivalent of lcd_id. Please run the lcd_id app as directed by nopnop2002 (pinout is on the github page). Once you've ascertained t
  7. @trohn_javolta What you'd need is re USB-Serial is basically this. If you're in the US, and prefer Adafruit, grab the serial to TTL cable they sell, but otherwise, something like the one I linked should work. There will be some pins on the board somewhere (not familiar with that particular board) that you plug three of the wires in to be able to interact with the board via a serial console (so no display, keyboard, etc needed on the board itself).
  8. When I do github stuff that I intend to push back 'upstream', I do it in my own fork, and as a new branch, so that when you do a pull request, you simply specify that branch as what you're wanting to push back into the original project (rather than a single commit). It also means that if you have more commits you want to submit as part of that update request, you can continue to push them on that branch. The github docs on forking repos and doing pull request may be of interest, as most of that is explained there... I end up searching for something there every so often... either t
  9. This change is not Armbian related, but a systemd/udev change, to fix a perceived issue with machines that have multiple ethernet interfaces. Because the eth0, eth1 etc naming was not bould to a specific device, if for some reason they were detected in a different sequence at boot, eth0 would not be the eth0 from a previous boot. So the powers that be adopted the 'predicable naming system' which is tied to the hardware address of the device, which shouldn't change. You can read more about that here. They suggest three options to revert to the older behaviour: (https
  10. I'm not familiar with using this type of LCD on linux, but it sounds like your LCD is a parallel type connection (D0-D7 + others) rather than a SPI type connection (MOSI, MOSI, CLK, CS/SS), so won't work with these instructions. And the LED pin will be the pin that that controls the LED backlight for the display.
  11. Hm... interesting..... al-la-facebook reactions! This should make things... interesting!
  12. Oh, well thanks a lot! I guessed that might be the reason it hadn't been spotted til' now... this is the first time I've hit this particular issue across all the longsleep, ayufan and even previous armbian images... so either I haven't been holding my tongue right, or it's a new 'feature' Yeah, I'm going to roll back through the earlier images I have saved, and see where it was introduced, as I don't don't think I had this problem with earlier images. And are you mad? Mentioning AllWinner and "fix things" in the one sentence? Madness... sheer madness!
  13. I'm guessing it wasn't intentional that the current legacy Armbian_5.30_Pine64_Ubuntu_xenial_default_3.10.105 image for the pine64 wouldn't work without the battery? Because the "Warning: Low battery power, shutting down to recharge" line (10th line from the end) is an absolute corker (or should I say showstopper?) when there is no battery connected to the pine64! It fell over on a 2G pine64 board that I was about to build up with Armbian. After a little more prodding, it's related to powering on via the power button... the pine64 is correctly detecting 'no battery' if
  14. Um... maybe tell us what your problems actually is? What did you do? Did you have wifi and ethernet running, and then unplug ethernet and this is the result of route -n?
  15. pfeerick


  16. I have seen links for FFC/FPC extenders before so they do exist. What board is this for, maybe I can find suitable link that way...
  17. Locking thread... has given the link in the previous post for where this discussion should happen.
  18. Can the Raspberry 'manage it perfectly' on any pin, or just one? As IIRC, the rPi has one dedicated PWM capable pin, which should be stable... not sure about the oPi? I'm not saying there aren't library, hardware and configuration differences that could be causing the problem, just that I know that is one possible reason for this variance.
  19. I'll shush for a while so we get some other voices here in the conversion, but let me be the first to say Thomas, you're a brain damaged retard for hoping (in my opinion against all hope) that somebody might listen and actually do something about it. But no, they insist on making excuses, and saying that they're doing a good job. And you know what I think we should do... boycott all the way until they learn the error of their evil ways. I don't think you missed any discussions on the forum, as I didn't see anything either, but who am I to argue with the boss. But then again... unsu
  20. That's my perspective on this, and why I said some stuff needs to be built into Armbian. The viewpoint of the non-devs is simple... it should operate just like their old VCR. Like the original ones that just had play, fast forward, rewind, stop, and eject buttons. Not like the ones that had a million and one buttons, and could do everything from chroma editing to transition effects to audio redubbing. And needed a small encyclopedia to drive them. These are are the normal people, which is why they need stuff to be written in plain English and digestible format, with pictures and even videos wh
  21. No complaints here from the peanut gallery! Agreed. Now, if we make it so it's a quiz like 1) have you read the documentation yet 2) no, really, HAVE YOU READ THE DOCUMENTATION? 3) are you using a good microSD card (read here if you're not sure what to answer) 4) is your power supply setup a good one? (read if here if you're not sure what to answer) 5) is this an official armbian image and 6) you consent to being locked in a room with tkaiser for an hour if you are found to not have answered any of the questions truthfully and correctly (ok, maybe not that last question
  22. Oops! Well, can't please everyone. But it was better to have been done sooner than later, as if we left it for a month or so we're either be stuck with that thread as it was, or break a load more sites when it does get split. Edit: Alasdair just updated the link
  23. It's just IPB being IPB... all the fluff and 'pretty' stuff it does sometimes comes back to bite you. Made the mistake of double-clicking the code block to edit, for some reason it then promptly decided I really wanted it to be sole contents of the post, and I had already hit save before I realised it was going to trash the post on me. I'll live. It may not! Oh no, now you done it @chwe ! You should know better than to bring religion into the mix! :-O All I can say is.... here's the github page... see if you get a PR past the four disciples! '
  24. I don't think it's the change in thread title. If you look at the comment index number at the end, it is separated with a '-' in what you say is the link you've always used (which worked for me btw - it linked to your May 24 post), and the second uses a '=' (and didn't work for me) - did you get them swapped around by any chance (otherwise it's something on your end or Igor as changed something in the last hour)? Changing the separator alone made it work, and it redirects to the 'new' link (still using a '-' separator for the comment number).
  25. Oh FFS... now the forum ate half of my post because I went back to turn off the code syntax highlighting! I had basically said that if we want to be stuck in a vicious cycle of saying 'have you checked this' and 'have you checked that' then, sure doing things the way they are now. Or if you want to be proactive and head them off, add some simple checks that you can point to and then say here are the docs that explain what the problem is. And no, no-one gets paid for this. But time is time, and I'd rather spend it doing other stuff, rather than answering the same ques