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    Moorviper got a reaction from rubymp18 in Lamobo-R1 wifi unstable in AP ("host") mode [better buy a good wifi dongle with proper linux support]   
    last year i got one of the first batch of the bananapi r1
    and was happy when it was back in their shop.
    This device is wasted Money.
    They didn't react on bug-report's.
    So i contacted the wlan-chip-company directly.
    They said that that the rtl8192 is the cheapest model they have.
    They told them that 300mbit isn't possible with that chip and they should use the more expensive.
    in theory than chip can handle 300 mbit BUT it was designed as lowcost/lowlevel.
    An they implemented a mechanism in hardware that detect when the two wlan chips are bonded per software
    and do a resett ;-)
    what is possible with this chip ist 2 different wlan's with 150 mbit.