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  1. SomeArmbianForumUser's post in BananaPi M1 with Armbian 21.02: One-Wire Temperature Sensor and TV output was marked as the answer   
    BananaPi M1 with Armbian 21.02: How to Enable TV Output through the Composite Connector
    A Banana Pi M1 set up as in the previous post, when connected to a display via
    the composite connector, will display only early boot messages.
    When the linux kernel is started, the display at the composite connector will
    go dark, and video will only be output through HDMI.
    To prevent this, blacklist the HDMI output module:
    echo blacklist sun4i_drm_hdmi | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/composite.conf
    However, in the current kernel, the HDMI output not compiled as a module, and therefore cannot be effectively blocked in this way.
    But it was compiled as a module in Armbian kernel version 5.8.6. Use
    sudo armbian-config to install this kernel version (under System -> Other) and reboot. The screen (console) will now show on the screen attached to the composite output.
    Security-wise, changing to an older kernel is probably a bad move. For devices that need to access the internet, it may be better to recompile the current kernel instead after configuring that the above driver is compiled as a module. As this is not a concern for me, I have not tried this.
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