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  1. A newer 4.9.118 seems to be included in their Android Pie BSP.
  2. No - source: had 2G-IoT; threw it in trash
  3. I noticed by comparing their 2 aliexpress pages that Orange Pi Zero (highest selling Xunlong board) has sold 1675 boards in the last 90 days, and the Banana Pi zero (highest selling Sinovoip board) has only sold about 100! Is there something I'm missing? Does Sinovoip sell most of their boards on some other website I don't know about? or are they really just that unpopular
  4. Now we can fix their misinformation and bad grammar
  5. That is a bit different. It has a bizarre setup where the majority of the peripherals are accessed through the modem firmware in a MMIO "mailbox". It's like the Pi, except WAY more things than the GPU/Sound rely on it. The kernel code quality is extremely questionable too.
  6. I think that's just Sinovoip being Sinovoip.
  7. (appears to be also known as "SBC-N1000"; why not F1?) This looks very interesting especially given that i.MX6 has awesome mainline support (even the VPU!), and there are already supported boards in Armbian
  8. Good news - More than 60% of the openwrt patches for MT762x are already in 4.18-rc6. Off topic: I made the terrible mistake of buying an Orange Pi 2G-IOT a year ago, which is supported so badly that I literally threw it away. I will never buy anything with a phone/tablet SoC (3G IOT/4G IOT/BPI R2).
  9. The page is not done yet and they just copied it from R2. Actually the kernel is 4.4.92. I think they mean the 4.14 kernel from OpenWRT But it's maybe 80% mainlined and the rest is in OpenWRT (except for HW NAT because they don't support that for any SoC). Because of this I think it is very likely for this board to be a stable CSC (unlike R1/R2).
  10. MT7622 appears to already be part of OpenWRT:
  11. Re: 200W pixel In chinese W means 10,000 so it's 2,000,000 i.e. 2 MP
  12. Sorry to hijack this post but I just got my 2G-IOT and I CAN NOT FIGURE OUT how to get it to boot off an SD card! It just boots the android from nand but I can't access anything becuase the ADB is disabled. HOw did you boot from sd?
  13. add /home/YOUR_USERNAME_HERE/OctoPrint/venv/bin/octoprint & before the line "exit 0" of /etc/rc.local