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    Ian got a reaction from Xalius in The new Banana PI M2 Ultra   
    Thanks for the work Armbian do in getting decent secure builds for these little SBC's which have been "caught between a rock and a hard place" (hard place being the CH SOC makers that historically were not interested in supporting these quasi reference boards and the rocks being the backstreet CH SBC makers who have neither the finances nor abilities to support their quasi reference boards).
    IMHO unless the SOC makers start to properly support software wise an up to date reference SBC board for each SOC then things are not going to change that much but i think the CH SOC makers have realised that if they can IOTise their business then this can add a shed load of valuation potential and the likes of Allwinner seem to be taking typically CH baby steps in this direction.
    I pick up these SBC boards periodically (either as samples from the SOC makers or i buy then as in the case of ODROID) and I received a R40 based BPI and out of the box it didn't inspire confidence (fingerprints/areas of residue in board coating) and the BPI website is just dire (though no worse than many of the other CH SBC's) and its no surprise they have downgraded to microusb power/no emmc to save a few pennies on its BOM - i mean how much does it cost to add an aluminium heatsink to the PMIC + SOC!
    I'll keep this little board on the back burner for a while to play around with as the R40 ref. board has a lot of potential as a little low power headless SATA squeezeboxserver its just a pity noone else is using the R40 platform or Allwinner hasn't stepped up to the plate with decent reference board linux source for an up to date kernel/drivers.
    i live in hope Allwinner ? while i wait to see what HardKernel's new 64bit platform is like (to replace long-term my lovely ODROID based squeezebox server my nephew has taken off to University with him)
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