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    phelum got a reaction from g00d in Full root filesystem encryption on an Armbian system (NEW, replaces 2017 tutorial on this topic)   
    In one of your previous posts you listed some U-Boot code that changed the fdtfile variable depending on the board name and you noted that your board wasn't mentioned.  The U-Boot log shows it is loading a flattened device tree file that is 88701 bytes long.  Can you check in your /boot/dts directory and check if the .dts file for your board is 88701 bytes ?  Somefile.dts files provide hardware details for the drivers and using the wrong one might cause all sorts of problems.  What I.m checking here is that U-Boot is loading the correct .dts file for your board.
    -- Steven
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    phelum got a reaction from g00d in How to debug boot issues on ODROID-HC2   
    I think you need a serial cable connected to the UART0 port (try 115200 8N1).  This will show you the U-Boot output.  The U-Boot output should end with "Starting kernel ...".  If you see nothing after this then either the kernel isn't starting or its bootargs are specifying the wrong console for output.  The primary console in the bootargs should be "ttyS0,115200".
    I hope this helps.  I don't know the board and are assuming it uses the standard Armbian boot script.
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    phelum got a reaction from Gary in cubietruck:boot from nand problem   
    I hit this recently when I had a new u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin and my boot volume didn't have boot.scr. If you're seeing an attempt to load from the network then I think your u-boot is being found and run (because it is u-boot that tries to load from the network). Do you have /boot.scr or /boot/boot.scr in the first volume on your SD card ? 
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    phelum got a reaction from ChrisArena52 in cubieboard 1 legacy boot failure   
    Hi Chris,
    I've uploaded a dump of the U-Boot for my CB1 to . Please try this. I'll try to generate a replacement from a newer base and advise if it works.