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  1. Thank you for confirming. Looking forward to getting my Helios64 up and running.
  2. Trying to understand this issue. If I ONLY need the 1Gbs (LAN1) ethernet connection and DO NOT need the 2.5Gbs (LAN2) connection, do I need to perform the "Fix" for this issue? I'll be using Armbian Buster for this device.
  3. YES, please don't leave. We are going to have to determine how this is going to work. Igor is the owner of all of this so his opinion matters most. Being a moderator is a tough job, we are ALWAYS the bad cop. Let's work as a team to make the Armbian community better. Yes, it'll take a long time, but our support lets the developers do their magic. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Thank you Igor. I will read the term and guidelines and moderate accordingly. And you are correct, I really did not read them when I joined. I am happy I can contribute to the Armbian project. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Igor, I would be happy to assist as a moderator. I've been a moderator on a number of forums in the past and would love to help out the Armbian community. I tried to apply through the link bit do not have enough posts. I am on the east coast of the US (GMT-5). Please let me know if I can assist. Thanks!
  6. I ordered a second PBP wth the ANSI keyboard. Should be here shortly. I am happy to send my ISO keyboard version to the Armbian developers. Just let me know where to ship it. It'll be coming from the United States. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Ahhhh, I TOTALLY missed the "check other download options" on the Rock64 Page. Thank you Igor! Appreciate all the work you do for us.
  8. I see the latest images for the Rock64 are marked as desktop. I am looking for a lightweight server only version. I still have an older server version that I downloaded a while ago, specifically 5.59. If I install 5.59, can I do and apt-get update/apt-get upgrade to get to the latest version? Any issues with that approach? Thanks!
  9. Thanks for that response TonyMac. Great information. The Armbian team does some GREAT work, and I really appreciate what they do. I am FAR from a programmer or developer so cannot assist there. Once I get all my RPi's replaced with Rock64's and Armbian, I shall try to assist as you recommend.
  10. Can someone please help me understand how Armbian for Rock64 is developed? In the past, there was an image for the Rock64 that was a server image, not a desktop image. Now, I see Ubuntu and a Debian Stretch desktop images, no server image. Is there a plan to build a server image going forward? Also, will a newer kernel be built at some point? Not trying to stir the pot or cause trouble, just trying to understand where the Rock64 support is going in the future. Thank you for all the spectacular work the Armbian team does.
  11. Thanks @tkaiser, appreciate you feedback. I'll review all the links you sent and educate myself. Luckily, other than Pi-hole, none of my use cases need to store data or logs on the flash/eMMC. I'll move everything to the hard disks. I only purchase brand name flash drives from reputable sellers like Amazon. So far, I've had NO issues with the devices I've purchased. Thank you for all the work you do for the Armbian and SBC communities.
  12. Trying to choose between an eMMC module or a USB Flash drive for the boot volume on a Rock64. I have a few Rock64's that I'm building as various services (Nextcloud, Pi-Hole, VPN, OMV, and/or Netatalk Backup). None of these devices will need large boot volumes as the data will be in secondary (Hard or SSD) Drives or will require VERY little data storage. On the RPi's that the Rock64's are replacing, I've been using USB Flash drives for booting. I get the feeling that an eMMC module is a better choice, but do have any real knowledge. Are the eMMC modules more reliable and less p
  13. I am pretty sure PiVPN has been updated to run on Stretch.
  14. Igor, Do you have any possible release dates for Armbian Stretch for the Rock64? I see that the current nightly image is tagged as RC6. I hope you are getting close! Thanks for al the work you and the Armbian team do.