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    Wilber got a reaction from jock in CSC Armbian for RK3318/RK3328 TV box boards   
    Hello! I wanted to thank @jock and everyone that has contributed their time and effort on this project. I am quite happy to be able to use Armbian on my X88 Pro 10.
    I am quite new to customizing linux in general, but learned quite a lot from all the info that was provided about devices trees ( their purpose / why android dtb is not compatible with current kernel device trees, etc ), u-boot and so much more about ARM linux. So thank you all for sharing that information.
    I have tested all three images from the beginning of the post and they are working on my board ( Currently using the debian buster current ).
    So far, wifi, bluetooth, and the os booting is all working as expected. The next steps for me is to get the front LED working, compiling the mali driver ( need to search how to do that ), making armbian recognize all 4G of RAM, soldering a serial cable on the pads ( quite scared as I have lifted pads on the past ) and lightdm not working for some reason ( previously it was working on another installation of the same image  ).
    Here I attach the dtbs extracted using extract-dtb from the multiboot backup of the android stock image.
    As well images of my board.
    And finally the dmesg output.
    If I am able to help with anything, I would be happy to! 
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