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    Ex3c got a reaction from infinity in [Mini review] ROCK64 SATA cable   
    i have seen some interest in the ASM1351 Sata to USB3.1 Gen2 controller, and as i have a USB 3.1 case with this controller i did some power consumption tests.
    In this case a HGST Travelstar 5K1000 1TB 2,5" HDD is mounted.
    Test where done with a headless RaspberryPi 3 (only power supply and the tested USB device connected),  a KD302 wall power meter (measuring the complete power including the power supply) and a Drok USB 3.0 power meter (measuring only the power consumed by the USB device).
    "delta KD302" means the difference between headless Raspberry and the Raspberry with this USB device.
    USB3_BRDIGE is the empty case, without the HDD; only the  bridge PCB
    USB3_HDD  is the complete case, bridge PCB + HDD
                                                       KD302       |   delta KD302   |    Drok
    Power Supply idle                     :  0.2W                                
    RaspPi3                                     :  1.8W                              
    RaspPi3 + USB3_BRDIGE           :  2.35W      |    0.55W           |    0.34W
    RaspPi3 + USB3_HDD                :  2.75W      |    0.95W           |    0.67W
    The differences between the delta of the KD302 and the values of the Drok result probably mainly from the effeciency of the power supply (~70% ?).
    Also some extra power consumption of the Raspberry when a USB device is connected or the precision of the power meter could have a influence.
    So it seems that the ASM1351 have a lower idle power consumption compared the JMS578 and maybe also show better performance.
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