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  1. BSP version is 4.4.52 armada-17.10.3 which is not very "secure" to use on a networked platform.

    So Armbian developers updated the BSP with patches. Great piece of boring work. Big thanks to them.


    Something broke and is disabled so work when using the BSP dtb.

    Try with the latest Armbian version in the repo 4.4.121-mvebu64 or build the 4.4.122-mvebu64. The problem is perhaps fixed.

  2. yes, 4.4.112-mvebu64 is the BSP/global scale kernel. Armbian provided 4.4.112 kernel should be updated with latest dtb.

    I only use latest/mainline Armbian kernel. BSP kernels are a dead end in my opinion.


    For crypto: the armv8 crypto extension support is very good.

    safexcel aka EIP support in the bsp (4.4) suck. We should wait mainline support (with added algo too). But the best perf with EIP will be obtained by in kernel users (ipsec, block encypt, future TLS app sockets). Cryptodev is not the panacea for userspace. It will mainly offload main CPUs for other tasks.

  3. All of this is software crypto.

    You need to patch you armada-37xx.dtsi and rebuild your dtb to add the eip node and look at your kernel message at boot to see if it is properly detected.

    It should be "mainlined" for 4.17. (It is already in linux-next).


    But it will not be suffisant as the EIP97 support was only merged in for 4.16 and have fix pending in -next.



  4. Great, the new training algo compensate the damage done on your board.

    Perhaps we will get back these other 2% in a later release. But if 2% it is the price to pay for more garanties of stability, I buy it. If I really need more speed, I prefer to change the ram chips for better ones.

  5. Armbian is based on Armada-17.10.1 (uboot and utils)

    Armada-17.10.3 with lots of ram init fixes/support was released on Jan 31, 2018 (Armada-17.10 branch, no GIT tag, only "localversion" file content change)


    Armbian espressobin firmwares need a rebuild with all these refreshed parts:

    A3700-utils-marvell Armada-17.10.3

    atfv1.3 armada-17.10.7

    uboot armada-17.10.2 (only for completeness, only fix mvneta bad RX descriptors)


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