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  1. Where is the linking between the WiFi state and the LED defined? The NEO Core has an inconsistently on LED on the Core/Air image and I believe this to be the bug.
  2. Unfortunately legacy has it's own problems on NEO Core too (e.g one big one is that it takes >3m to boot, I suspect it's trying to get the wifi/bt up). To those who find this thread a workaround is to transmit 500ms of blank wav, then wait 3 seconds then start the actual playback. This appears to prime the audio circuitry (DAC?), perhaps it's power saving. Priming appears to last for 20-30 seconds.
  3. We are in the process of migrating from NanoPI NEO's to NanoPI NEO Core's as part of that we are moving to mainline NEO Air / NEO Core images. I noticed that audio playback is soft / fades in at the start of the file. This only seems to occur on mainline images. Thoughts?