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  1. when i did it, nothing changed except that the board crashed constantly after a few minutes into a bootloop
  2. wrote the image on two different cards, waited approx. more than 5 Minutes for each and let the Rock64 run for the last try (more than 30 Minutes) how do i add this line, files are write protected, also cannot extract the iso
  3. thank you for providing the image on such a short notice, but unfortunately nothing seems to be different, eth boots up and shows activity, but neither shown on the network, nor output on the screen.
  4. yes sure, thank you very much
  5. Yes I assumed its based on the Debian armbian image, but this makes it also very odd since its booting up on the same hardware setup. I used the current images from Armbian_5.59_Rock64_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.152_desktop Armbian_5.59_Rock64_Ubuntu_bionic_default_4.4.152 OMV Image stretch-openmediavault-rock64-0.7.8-1061-arm64.img Used the same HDMI, LAN and Power supply cable, yes
  6. Assumed there was a hardwareproblem with the Pine64 board and decided to buy a newer Rock64, having similar problems with the provided stable images, doesnt seem to boot up, also bought a new SD Card.
  7. Hello everybody, bought a Rock64 4 GB recently and I´m not able to boot it with any provided armbian Debian/Ubuntu image. With the Ubuntu Image ethernet doesnt seem to be initialized and with Debian there is activity on the eth port, but no connection, neither of the images show any output on the screen. Also i tried various SD-Cards and different image burning programs. Openmediavault works flawlessly, so I can exclude Hardware issues.
  8. Im no developer, dont have the equipment to read out the port how else can i contribute?
  9. Hello everybody, since an Softwareupdate some time ago, i m not able to boot up the Pine64 with any Image. It doesnt matter what distro, or what channel. Does anybody have the same issue?
  10. anybody an idea? also the xenial image isn´t booting up ethernet and showes the call trace message
  11. Using etcher 1.4.4, also tried win32diskimager and SD card is a Samsung Evo Plus Tried again all the Images from Ubuntu and Debian, still no success Regarding the automated nightly or user built, i took that picture off a freshly installed image, havent switched the kernel, or the built to nightly, since it was never starting in the first place Double checked all the Images with another SD card (SanDisk), still no success
  12. Hello everbody, thank you very much for your comprehensive answers and letting me know that the issue is caused by an EOL fact. So i changed to the recommended builds, but unfortunately it seems that none of it is bootable, or useable, neither Xenial, nor jessie, not even the newest bionic. Is there some sort of general problem that makes those builds unbootlable? Jessie Xenial
  13. Hello everybody, had to reinstall my pine64 completely since it wasnt reachable over ethernet anymore, dont know why but after a restart on debian stretch it seemed that ethernet wasnt initialized anymore (lights were not even starting anymore) so i formated the sd card and went to the download directoy and i was surprised to only see debian jessie images left, is there a reason for that? anyway, so i downloaded the current stable realease but now i m having trouble with the repositories, it seems that i cannot update properly since i get an error message for following index W: Failed to fetch Unable to find expected entry 'main/binary-arm64/Packages' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file) already reinstalled the jessie image a couple of times, no luck.